8 Gifts for an Outdoorsman

    Whether you’re married to the ultimate outdoorsman, related by blood, or simply good pals, figuring out the best gifts to get him on his birthday, Valentine’s day, or for the holiday season always feels like a shot in the dark.

    When all he really needs are those coveted moments alone in nature to make his day, it can feel next to impossible to get him something material that gives him the same excitement. Fortunately, we have the best gifts for the outdoorsman on your list that are sure to impress him no matter the occasion.

    1. A Gift card to his favorite store

    If you’re still stumped and have no idea what the outdoorsman on your list would like or use most, a simple gift card to his favorite outdoor store will suffice. It gives him the freedom of choice and assures that he ends up with something he loves!

    2. An Electric face cleanser

    You’ve seen him when he returns from his long, muddy hikes and you’re anything but impressed with the state of his hygiene. If he’s not one for facial care, expedite the process by gifting him an electric cleansing brush that does all the exfoliating he needs to scrape the nasty mud remnants from his pores.

    Not only do these electric brushes provide the rotational technology to sweep skin of yucky dirt and dead cells, but they take little to no maintenance to upkeep. He’ll only have to change the battery one a year, and he may not even have to do that if it’s rechargeable! Be sure to check out our best beard trimmer on Amazon for inspiration.

    3. An E-Reader

    Physical books are so 2008, or at least they are according to the e-reader market. If he’s tuned into the digital world and likes to take his reading from books to a thin screen, consider getting him an e-reader. The Nook Glowlight 3 allows him to read day or night with a smart screen that adjusts to bright sunshine and dark areas without missing a beat.

    The Kobo Aura One is completely waterproof so he can sail the seven seas and never worry about water splashes getting in the way of a good read.

    man reading book on beach
    Six minutes reading a day can reduce your stress levels by more than two thirds

    4. An Inspirational read

    Indoors or outdoors, a good book can be taken anywhere he goes. No matter what his favorite niche of outdoor hobbies is, a good book will transport him to any place and any time, bringing another world of excitement to his surf or hike breaks. These books are the best on the market and totally worth setting up a hammock for.

    5. A Grooming Kit

    It’s only fair to assume that the ultimate outdoorsman has a bushy beard to match his wild spirit—so it’s fair to assume that a grooming kit will serve him well. The Beard Club covers everything needed for the best kit creation including beard oil, spray, balm, shampoo, and combs. Much like the hair on his head, his beard deserves all the love and care to continue thriving and growing!

    grooming kit
    Be sure to look for quality over quantity with grooming products

    6. A Watch

    Regardless of whether or not he’s into arm candy, a waterproof watch is the ultimate accessory for the outdoorsman. Not only can he swim with it on, but he can hit the gym and never worry about sweat trailing into the frame of his watch.

    To make the deal even sweeter, he can rock his watch in the office and look like a million bucks just about wherever he goes.

    7. An Outdoor subscription box

    Subscription boxes have become some of the most popular gifts—and that’s not only because it takes the gift selection process out of your hands, but it gives the outdoorsman on your list something to look forward to every month. Battlbox subscription boxes are perfect for the gear junkie.

    From pocket knives to high-tech compasses, these primed and perfected boxes have a little something for hikers, surfers, bikers, and more!

    8. Pair of Hiking socks

    Sure, it’s a little cliche to gift a pair of socks as a present, but any outdoorsman can attest to the fact that being properly socked up can seriously enhance a hiking experience. Providing all the cushion, comfort, warmth and protection against nature’s many elements, hiking socks fit perfectly inside hiking boots without ever cramping his style.

    Be confident in your gift pursuit this year with these top-notch outdoorsy gift ideas.


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