From Date to Bed: How to Groom Your Beard for a Date?

    The correctly-groomed beard is a proven way to have a successful date and hook-up, which is becoming an ever more popular activity as interest in online dating soars in popularity. Here many young people find a couple for one night. So, don’t ignore the tips below and prepare for your date.

    Be Patient

    A crucial piece of advice is not to leave your preparation to the last minute. Think of the possibilities for disaster that could knock you off your stride and take the shine off the natural excitement of anticipating the liaison. What if you gave yourself a nasty nick while shaving and were forced to stem the blood flow with an ugly sticking plaster that impeded your travel arrangements, making you late for the occasion? Just make sure you allow plenty of time for the grooming process. This will help settle your nerves and build a natural sense of anticipation.

    Match Your Beard to Your Face Shape

    There are so many beard shapes, from the full-on hipster growth bearing an uncanny resemblance to photographs of Victorian-era polar explorers, to the neatest Shakespearian goatees. The key is matching your beard to the shape of your face. If you’re fortunate enough to have an average, oval-shape then you can get away with pretty much anything, luxuriant or closely-clipped. If you have a rounder face, emphasize your chin, so cultivate a goatee. Get your inspiration from paintings of 16 th -century courtiers by the Dutch masters!

    Couple Sitting in bed reading a book

    Know How (and When) to Trim

    Part of the appeal of growing a beard is that it fits in perfectly with the current
    pandemic climate. With so many of us spending long periods at home, either
    through hotdesking or self-isolating, there can be a temptation to compensate for the interruption to normal timetables by letting yourself go.

    But when the time comes to meet a date for a face-to-face encounter, you need to make sure you take appropriate steps. Start by using moisturizer on your skin, but be especially careful when trimming your facial hair. In the absence of your regular trips to your barber, refer to YouTube tutorials. Take your time sculpting with a well-charged electric shaver and/or sharpened scissors.

    Wash It Regularly

    It’s important to keep your beard refreshed by washing regularly, but without overdoing it. Around twice a week would seem reasonable to keep it looking in peak condition. Don’t be tempted to wash daily, as it is possible to ‘over wash’ a beard which will remove natural oils, resulting in drying it out.

    Finish with Oil

    There’s so much more to keep your beard in tip-top condition than just washing or trimming its length. Beard oil will not only moisturize the hair but work into the skin beneath. This will address those dry issues that can sometimes leave those unseemly flakes that get trapped in your beard hair. The oil will have the effect of softening your beard, make it appear shinier and more lustrous, and altogether healthier looking.

    Prune the other odds and ends

    As well as focusing on the beard itself, pay close attention to other areas of your face. Solitary hairs can sprout out with the perimeter of your beard, such as your cheekbones. Anyone nearby will find their eyes drawn to these annoying strays.

    When you were a teenager you probably didn’t have to be overly concerned about tufts appearing by your nostrils, or around your ears. And did you ever consider the necessity of plucking your eyebrows? But these areas will now require your full attention if you want to make the optimum impression on your date.


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