Tips For Men Growing Long Hair

    If you have the patience to grow long hair, we highly recommend it, the empowerment and routine will add a new lease of life into your grooming regime. There Is however a difficult stage in the process when your hair is too short to tie up but too long to style effectively. It will test you as a man but patience is key here, once you are past this stage you aren’t far from where you need to be.

    To help you get through the process of growing your hair out, we have some simple but effective tips –

    1. Try to avoid using heat where possible, this adds frizz and volume to your hair and makes it harder to control. Simply towel dry to a point then let it dry au natural.
    2. Make sure that you are combing your hair at least every other day to decrease tangles and knots, on the other days just run your fingers through it to press into shape (or get someone to do it for you).
    3. When you are doing any physical activity, make sure that you are a using a headband, cap or hair tie. Hair sticking to your sweaty face won’t do anything for your pick up skills.
    4. Make sure that you are visiting your barber for a trim regularly, letting them know that you are growing your hair out. They will be able to shape it for you and reduce the awkward growing stages.
    5. Use a fine comb and a small pinch of wax or hair clay on the sides of your hair, keeping these flat Is half of the problem. Keep growing and one day you will be able to tuck them behind your ear.

    So there you have it, now get that long hair growing and send us in your photos or share more tips and tricks in the comments below.

    If you have thick hair then make sure you check out our ‘Control Thick Hair’ article, for those looking for the next trend then our ‘Mens’ Hairstyle Trends 2016’ article is for you. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment box and a team member from TheBeardMag will get back to you.


    1. Your suggestion to go to a barber to get your hair trimmed was really smart. As you brought up, if you tell them that you are growing your hair out, they will be able to shape it so it stays in control and healthy. They may also be able to offer style suggestions for each stage of your hair growth.


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