We recently caught up with photographer Maxime Besse and learnt more about his recent bearded photography series with the bearded model Samuel Lhermillier.

What about me?

My name is Maxime, I’m a 26 years old photographer based in south of france.

I got my first camera when I was 16, right after getting my first paycheck! What a cool moment!It felt just great, and that’s when i started to learn how to take pictures, only by myself. I used to look at photographs, advertising, and actors portrait across the street, and I was always taking pictures of them with my phone to keep them as they were very interesting!

The world is such an endless source of inspiration. I studied graphism and marketing, and after graduation I decided to start my own business, making what I love the most, taking photographs. Hence the beginning, my passion goes for portrait, fashion, and telling stories! This is what suits me best. I have this unique chance of showing my vision of the world and people by using pictures as a support. I’m not the best storyteller around, but I can use light to say it all for me.

What about this photoshoot?

I remember that day, Sam and I had been chilling in Paris during the whole afternoon and we ended up in the flat where he was staying on that week. We sat around a cup of tea as we kept talking about things and others.

Then I realized that the light was actually pretty interesting at this moment of the day and that it would worth a try to shoot something in this flat. Something minimalist, manly and intimate at the same time. Sam and I come up with the idea of the white boxer. We wanted to do something in which everyone could recognise him. Just a man waking up in underwear, coffee, no make up and messy hair..


Photographer: Maxime Besse www.maximebesse.com
Mannequin: Samuel Lhermillier @Dulcedo Model Management

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