Tips For Men To Keep Your Hair In Good Condition

    Haircare is essential for everyone. If you maintain the correct hair care routine, your wish of having a thick, long, and healthy hair will be realized. 

    However, most men’s main challenge is not knowing where to start in their quest to get smooth and silky hair. 

    Along with using the best hair conditioner for men, as listed by Bro Insider, here are also some tips that’ll have your hair looking healthy and neat: 

    1. Eat A Good Diet 

    Hair cells require iron, protein, and vitamins to promote healthy growth. Thus, you should eat foods that are rich in these nutrients.

    The best protein-rich meals you can eat are lentils, peas, and milk. Whereas foods that are rich in iron are soybeans, fish, vegetables, and fish. To ensure your hair, nails, and skin will remain well-hydrated, it’s also advisable to take plenty of water. 

    2. Pat Your Hair Softy to Dry 

    Using your towel to rub away moisture is undoubtedly enjoyable. But doing this weakens your hair’s sturdiness and texture. This situation is worse if your hair is suffering from a loss of thickness. 

    Therefore, be extremely cautious when drying your hair to avoid breakages caused by forcefully patting your hair. 

    3. Avoid Using Too Much Shampoo

    Moderation is key in life, and this also applies when washing your hair using shampoo to give it a neat and healthy look. This is usually the case even if you use a gentle shampoo since too much of it will still dry your hair strands and removes excess oil from your scalp. You can also use a serum from Allurium Beauty for a better hair growth.

    To give your hair a smooth and shiny look, the recommended number of times you should use your shampoo is, at most, three times a week. 

    4. Use Proper Tools 

    The choice of tools you use to maintain your hair plays a part in how good and well-nourished your hair will look. This is important especially after taking a shower when your hair is more susceptible to breakage and needs to be handled with care. 

    Rather than a brush, you should use a wide-toothed comb immediately after taking a hot shower since it does a better job maneuvering through the hair tangles. Still, you have to be gentle when combing to prevent ripping out the knots. 

    5. Avoid Too Much Exposure To The Sun 

    You should also try as much as possible to avoid too much exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun as it destroys your hair and skin. Make sure to use hair products such as conditioners and shampoos that safeguard your hair from the sun.

    6. Sparingly Use Hair Products

    Although male styling additives such as mousse, hair gel, and wax do a remarkable job in promoting a smooth, healthy, and tidy hair, you must never use them in excess. Using too much of these products triggers extreme greasiness and makes your hair quite a mess. 

    You should also carefully examine the product’s quality before buying it so as not to destroy your hair’s look. 

    7. Avoid Hot or Cold Showers 

    While taking hot showers is very gratifying, it isn’t recommended if you want your hair to look smooth, healthy, and shiny. This usually happens because your hair is more susceptible to split ends and it’ll also remove the natural oils from your hair, making it look dry. However, a cold shower isn’t the solution either as freezing water narrows the capillaries on your scalp. This leads to reduced blood flow in this area, depriving your hair of the much-needed nutrients. 

    As the solution to maintain healthy hair growth, it’s best if you take a lukewarm shower. 

    8. Get Regular Trims 

    Another excellent way of promoting your hair’s healthy growth is by having your hair trimmed regularly by a professional stylist or barber. For medium to long hair, trimming needs to be done after six to 12 weeks. A short hair, on the other hand, should be cut every four to eight weeks. If you aren’t a fan of going to the barber, trimming yourself is also a great option. However, you’ll need some practice to do this perfectly.  

    By regularly trimming your hair, you’ll be able to remove any destroyed hair and split ends. It also helps make your hair more flexible and softer, preventing breakage and facilitating your hair’s growth from the roots. 

    9. Condition Your Hair with Raw Eggs 

    Eggs contain lots of proteins and essential minerals, such as Sulphur. That’s why it’s advisable to regularly condition your hair with the egg yolk as it penetrates deep into your scalp, reinforcing your hair follicles from the inside. 

    The high-fat content in eggs also plays a part in making your hair look softer and smoother. 


    If you wish to have healthy-looking hair but didn’t know where to start, reading through this article has provided you tips on how to keep your hair in excellent condition. Therefore, not having a shiny, healthy, and tidy hair will be a thing of the past.


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