Easton London – The Innovative Barber Experience for Digital Nomads

    The long pauses, the unbalanced hushes, the dread of not getting a similar hairdresser once more, the expanding nervousness of missing your next gathering and the full scale bother of getting a hair style.

    So where does this London freedom to work, remote working, hairdresser trick of the trade become possibly the most important factor I hear you considering?

    Give us a chance to present, Easton London

    man barbering at easton london
    No queuing, just simple and easy online booking at Easton London

    They’ve removed the problem from the barbershop experience and now place you in charge. Their unique take on barbering gives you the opportunity to book your spot online with your favourite stylist on any day that suits.

    There’s no asking about wait times and flicking through endless magazines on a cold wooden bench, you simply arrive at the time of your booking and get straight into the experience.

    With Easton London Barbers, you can stick around, come right on time to simply chill or get some more work done as they are situated within Paddington WeWork. Online appointments mean you can design your day better and appreciate a lot of room to put a PC down in the mutual work zones which you’ll adore.

    Check out this incredible walk through video from Local-X 3D to get the full experience.

    Trust us, it beats sitting in a boisterous, packed café with faulty table surfaces, particularly on the off chance that you haven’t put resources into a decent pair of headphones. If you were looking for the best pair available right now with some incredible comfort, battery life and noise cancellation then we recommend the Bose Quietcomfort 35.

    Furthermore, you’ll additionally have the capacity to have a free… espresso, lagers/prosecco (after 3pm), access to the amusements rooms and rooftop porch and extremely, it’s only a decent place to be from the ordinary London hurrying around.

    man working remotely on computer with a pint of beer
    A free beer? Who would say no to that?!

    Look at them here and give them a shot by downloading the App or booking on the web.

    We tally 3 life hacks

    1. Book hair styles and whisker trims online effectively – no line
    2. Free work lounges that are very pleasant from WeWork.
    3. Free Coffee, lagers, prosecco and amusements rooms to prop you up.

    = win + win + win

    Give it a go. On the off chance that you search Barber Near Me in the Paddington region, you’ll see us 1 min from the overground station.


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