6 Space Saving Solutions For Storing Your Shaving Equipment

    Only regular shavers are aware of exactly how liberating a shave might feel. It is, in fact, startling! Once a person practices it, they no doubt wish to spread the word about how great and beautiful it truly is. Shaving especially wet shaving is something whose practice is on the decline. But it really is a great idea and an effective way to stay fresh and have a clean and immaculate look.

    Shaving and beards do not have any limitations or restrictions on the financial stature and standard of living. By this, the fact that most men around the world need to shave irrespective of their bathroom sizes and quality of shaving equipment is emphasized. That means that most men are faced with the predicament to safely and effectively store their shaving equipment without eating up a lot of space. 

    The following six solutions give you effective options to store your shaving related tools in a better way:

    1. Suction Cup Razor Holder

    Are you looking for a permanent home for your dear razor? Then the idea of a suction cup holder as presented by this website is a great option open to you. Through the use of razor mug holders, you can move razors with ease.

    Not only that, but they also fit in better too. Such holders make use of wall space that you are not currently using. Not to mention the luxury of additional space for other bathroom items that you get by using a razor holder.

    2. DIY Bathroom Shelves

    Bathroom shelves are another brilliant space-saving idea for not just your shaving equipment but also for keeping bathroom items organized. You can adopt a charming farmhouse look for your storage shelf, and you can create shelving units by yourself by acquiring the right resources and tools.

    That would translate into measuring the needed sizes and then fitting in the correct sized wooden pieces according to the measurements. You can then place your shaving equipment in the space you free up as a result.

    3. Magnetic Bathroom Organizer

    Occasionally bathrooms are already filled with cupboards, and it seems almost impossible to free up space there. Magnetic organizers are a great idea in such cases. Not only will they make an excellent home for your razor, but your tweezers and nail-clippers would find a suitable space for themselves. Remember that magnetic organizers can fit on any metal surface, making new use of the space afforded by cupboard innards and backboards.

    4. Use Vertical Storage Space

    Vertical storage options give a boost to your existing storage potential. Many bathrooms lack floor space but shelves and other types of storage options that can fit the walls to more than makeup for the lack of space.

    Floating shelves stand out by their elegant appearance and the ease by which they can save space. They can fit almost to any place inside the bathroom. It would serve as an excellent home for your entire shaving kit.

    5. Rustic Bathroom Storage

    A great option open to you to get hold of some storage containers for storing your shaving equipment is simply by giving a fresh lease of design life to your old coffee cans. What you want to do is to glue rope to these cans.

    The best thing about this idea is that in all probability, you already have a host of old coffee cans at your disposal. You can use boxes of all sizes, and the rope that you glue to them adds a rustic charm to your bathroom décor while giving you ample space for storing your shaving brushes and creams.

    6. Hang Baskets On The Wall

    Wire baskets yet another great do it yourself option if you are keen to add up bathroom space: our ultimate solution- wire baskets. While wire baskets may indeed make up for great additions to bathroom floors, that is not the sole place where you can make use of their storage capacity. They make up for some ideal floating shelves as well.

    You can place bathroom items like towels and toilet paper on these shelves. But you also have enough room to store your entire shaving kit in one or multiple vertical baskets. You are just a few screws, washers, and anchors away from storing all the shaving equipment you need for the foreseeable future.

    It is hoped that this guide has been successful at giving you inspiring ideas for the adequately efficient storage of your shaving equipment. While a good shave matters a lot, and it is only through proper equipment that you can successfully execute that task. Remember, it’s important to take care of your shaving equipment through dry and secure storage. Cheers to a good shave!


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