The Secrets of a Successful Home Workout

    It can be difficult to motivate yourself to work-out at home. It is very easy to become lazy, distracted, or just completely unmotivated. A successful home workout is one that is both determined and motivated, and should you be intending on working out at home, it is absolutely crucial to your success that you are both of these things.

    There are many ways one can perform a home workout, whether it be with machines or just bodyweight exercises, and this page will tell you exactly how you can do that. You should ensure when working out at home that you do not push your body past its limits, as should you find yourself injuring yourself, it may be difficult to seek help. Exercise in moderation, and do not push your body far beyond its limits. You can use dumbbells at different weights too, a set of 50 pound dumbbells can greatly help you build muscles and tone your body. 

    In this guide, we share the secrets to a successful, intensive, and awesome home workout

    Exercise Bikes

    Exercise bikes are a wonderful way to exercise at home, and a hidden gem few ever think of when they consider buying exercise equipment. The professional fitness enthusiasts of say that exercise bikes are an easy way to burn calories and improve the health of your heart. Exercise bikes are often very inexpensive and do not take up much room, meaning that you can fit them inside a bedroom, a living-room, or even a cupboard for storage. Having an exercise bike is a sure-fire way to get your cardiovascular system pumping and to get your heart beating. Exercise bikes can provide a very intense workout if you switch them to an incline setting, which means you can derive great benefit from them, and build muscle as you cycle. An exercise bike should be at the top of your ‘to buy’ list if you want a successful and perfect home workout.

    Bodyweight Exercises

    Bodyweight exercises are a fantastic way to build muscle and get in shape in the comfort of your own home. Many martial arts legends, Bruce Lee, is one, for example, who were huge proponents of the importance of bodyweight exercises, and would rather do these than go to a gym. Bodyweight exercises are highly beneficial to you, and the real secret to a successful and high-intensity home workout. Below you will find a compilation of the absolute best bodyweight exercises and their benefits on your overall health and your body.


    Push-ups are perhaps the most traditional and commonly thought of bodyweight exercise. Push-ups are a great way to put on muscle and to strengthen your cardiovascular system tenfold. Many people are under the illusion that push-ups will not provide muscle definition, nor give them strength and build muscle, but this is a falsity. Push-ups can give you definition and strength and are a great way to exercise at home. A popular push-up challenge at the moment is a hundred push-ups in five minute one, which is a guaranteed way to work your body to the max and build some serious muscle.


    Abdominal crunches are another of the many unknown secrets to an intense and high-quality home workout. Abdominal crunches are very similar to sit-ups, but as you incline your upper body, you stop when your abdominal muscles begin to ache, rather than going all the way up. Abdominal crunches, combined with other bodyweight exercises, are a great way to build muscle in your upper body and strengthen your core. Abdominal crunches are an absolute must-do in any exercise routine, and whether you work out at the gym or at home, be sure to incorporate them in.


    Squats strengthen your core, abdominal muscles, and legs. Squats provide a very intense lower-body workout, and it is very common for people to be unable to walk after a squat session. You can do squats absolutely anywhere, but for the most effectivity, incorporate them into your exercise plan in combination with the previously mentioned points. You can build a lot of muscle and strength with squats alone, so imagine the power you will build if you combine them with an exercise bike, push-ups, and abdominal crunches. Weighted squats are also awesome and can be performed with simple free weights.


    Pull-ups are one of the quintessential bodyweight exercises and a truly hard-hitting and muscle-building one. Pull-ups can absolutely tear you about if you do them in excess, so only perform them in moderation. Pull-ups are an upper body exercise that you will benefit from massively.

    Now you know a few secrets to a successful and intense home workout. You don’t need to just use machinery when exercising, and hopefully, this page should have explained why, and how. Exercise in moderation as previously mentioned and always exercise safely and perform your techniques properly.


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