How to Make Your Razor Last Longer

    Not a lot of men like the feel of a full beard, so they’ll opt for a clean-shaven look instead. If you’re one of them, then you’re probably using disposable razors every day to get the closest shave. While using disposable razors might sound like a cheaper option, it can get a bit pricey eventually, especially if you’re using one of those top-of-the-line packs. You can reduce your expenses in the long run by making your razors last longer. If you want to know how to do this, keep on reading to find out. 

    Prepare Your Face for Shaving

    This simple step might sound unnecessary, but you’d be surprised by how much preparing your face properly can make your razors last longer. Placing a hot towel over your face will make your pores open up and your skin feels soft and dewy. This will make hair follicles weaker and more prone to be cut by the blade of your razor. Using a shave brush along with a shave cream is an important step to prep your face as well. You might also want to use a pre-shave oil, which will prevent your skin from being irritated and help your razor glide more easily against your skin.

    Keep Your Razor Clean

    Your razors should be in a clean state at all times for it to last longer than a week. Make sure that you clean your razors after you shave and that they’re residue-free before you store them. The folks at explain that the combination of lather and built-up hair will dull your razors, making them less effective and forcing you to throw them away in a matter of a few days. To clean your razors, simply use warm water to remove the build-up and rinse it thoroughly. After that make sure that it is stored in a dry place. 

    Store It in Moisture-Free Area

    You might think that cleaning residue off your razors is the only factor to affect your razors’ longevity, but that’s just not only it. The sharp metal of razors often loses its effectiveness in mere days due to moisture. Even if your razor’s brand promises water-repelling properties, it’s going to be very easy for your razor blades to be oxidized, especially in a humid environment such as your bathroom. If moisture is unavoidable, you can use blade oil to coat the blades with. 

    Try Sharpening the Blades

    This is more of a lifehack. Sharpening razor blades is another effective method to make it last longer. To do this, you’ll need to get a pair of jeans (old or new) or even a piece of denim. Next, place the razor on the jeans and move the blades backward 10-15 times. Continue doing this to different parts of your jeans until the blades are sharp enough and make sure that you give the razor a thorough rinsing and drying before you store it away.

    Following these steps should help you make your razors last longer. Make sure that no one is using your razors, as this will obviously reduce its life, and might cause skin irritation if it’s not cleaned properly. Also, be sure to invest in high-quality shaving products, as this can also affect your razor’s integrity.


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