5 Best Techniques of Tattoo Removal

    Tattoos are cool indeed. Men with tattoos are every girl’s fantasy. Well, maybe not all but there is something about men with tattoos that add to the overall appeal. However, if you’re a man with a huge, evident tattoo of a former lover, it’s also going to cause a huge problem when you’re already with someone new. And if you’ve decided to remove your tattoo, it’s a good advice to choose from one of these 5 best techniques of tattoo removal.

    1.  Laser Removal

    This is every man’s go-to when it comes to tattoo removal. This is very painful and may break the bank as well. But if you want to man up to your new lover, this is an extremely effective way to remove an old tattoo. This technique doesn’t remove the tattoo in one sitting but would need several sessions to achieve a good result. It works by simply breaking down the ink into smaller fragments through the highly-concentrated light from the laser technology. The body then will start removing these small ink fragments through the natural process. Drinking a lot of water is said to aid the removal process. Multiple treatments are needed but just make sure that you schedule your appointments every six to eight weeks to give it time to heal as well. Also, the costs of laser tattoo removal will vary depending on the size of the tattoo so this procedure might be costly.

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    1.  Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL)

    If you think laser removal is expensive, you’ll be surprised that this method is way more expensive. It’s similar to laser removal but instead of a laser light, IPL works by sending high-intensity light through a prism that is put on the skin. Once the light hits the tattoo pigments, the pigments are broken down and the lymphatic system naturally clears away these pigments. IPL is achieved because of the heat energy absorption by the ink pigment. It is said that IPL works best on men with light-colored skin as compared to tattooed men with dark-colored skin. The reason being is because the dark color in the dermis is targeted by IPL and the bigger the difference of the tattoo ink and skin color – the more effective IPL is as well. As for its effectivity, that would depend on the clearing process. The closer the tattoo is to your heart, the quicker the clearing process is. Meaning, ankle tattoos will definitely take longer.

    1.  Dermabrasion

    Dermabrasion is a low-cost tattoo removal technique. Also popularly known as “surgical skin planning,” it works by sanding the outer layers of the skin where the tattoo is. A rotating device is rapidly used to remove the surface and the different layers of the tattoo. As a result, the skin will have a fresh and smooth look. People opt for dermabrasion because of the cost and its effectivity as well. It may require multiple treatments to fully remove the tattoo but this depends on several factors like the tattoo size, tattoo type, body location, and the tattoo’s age.

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    1.  Saline Tattoo Fading

    This technique works by using an ink-gun to sort of tattoo the saline solution into the old tattoos. It then ruptures the top layer of the skin. Once the top layer is open, a salt paste is then used to slather into the entire treatment area. The broken down tattoo pigments are slowly exfoliated through a couple of appointments. Although tattoo removal experts are claiming that a full removal shouldn’t be expected, the old tattoos, on the other hand, will absolutely become lighter which is still a good alternative if you want to get rid of your annoying old tattoos.

    1.  Cover-Up

    If you’re trying to remove a name of an ex-girlfriend, a cover-up is simply a quick, cheap, and easy way to forget about your past. Or if you’re trying to remove a small or medium-sized tattoo, covering up your old tattoos with a new one is not only affordable but also makes you want to boast about having a new tattoo design. Just make up your mind on which design you want and consult a really good tattoo artist for this alternative. After the procedure, you can get tattoo numbing creams that work on most type of skins so you feel relaxed after your ink is applied!

    Tattoos are cool but sometimes men get tattoos out of impulse and regret them months or years after. It’s highly important to know which alternative suits your preference, budget, and pain tolerance. So try to search for online reviews or ask around for those who have experienced getting tattoo removals.

    This article was sent to us from Kerry Brooks, an ardent blogger and gallivanter, loves to write about little-known facts and fun stuff about the art of tattooing and everything related to tattoos. She is currently working for Inkundu, which offers the best tattoo removal service in Lexington Kentucky and surrounding areas. 


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