The Ultimate Mens Leather Shoes Guide

    There is a wide variety of mens leather shoes that you can choose from and you will be overwhelmed by looking at the collection when you visit a reliable shoe store. However, it is a type of shoes that you choose and the quality of leather that are the most important factors to look for. One will enhance your appearance and style and the other will add value to your investment.

    About the Leather

    It takes a lot of experience to choose genuine mens leather shoes as you will find a large number of these that will look exactly like leather but in reality, will be far from it. It is therefore necessary that you know about the types of leather used in making mens shoes.

    • Patent – This is an exquisite leather type used in making men’s shoes that were essentially worn with a tuxedo in the past. This super-shiny leather has however lost its exclusivity and you will see it being worn by all, whether it is at the ball or on the street. Linseed oil lacquer is used in it to provide a permanent finish and it will crease easily.
    • Smooth leathers – This type of leather will not gain any noticeable grain and is devoid of pebbling. You can shine it easily to make it a ‘smooth’ mens leather shoes.
    • Full grain – This type of leather is most durable due to the full grain that is found just below the hair of the hide of an animal. It is this grain pattern that resists moisture well making it more durable. This will develop a pleasing patina and become more malleable as you wear.
    • Top grain – This type of leather looks much like the full grain variant and is the second most durable leather. To make this the “split” layer is separated and the remaining surface is buffed and sanded to eliminate the imperfections, if any.
    • Pebble grain – This type of pattern is given to the full grain leather that looks just like the nubby braille pattern.
    • Leather type – There are different types of leather with unique properties to each animal, most commonly cow leather, goat leather and sheep leather.

    Men’s leather shoe types

    They are usually categorized broadly into 4 types of men’s shoes: Laced shoes, Loafers, Straps, Boots.

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    1. Lace formal shoes

    For any formal occasion the laced shoes stand out from the others. You can wear these for board meetings, as an office wear, for black tie events, and cocktail parties. You can even wear these shoes for daily wear as well. Usually, you will get two types of laced mens leather shoes. One is the Oxfords or Balmorals and Derby or Blucher, a premium style that would require some Loop King Laces. The former has closed lacing while the latter has open lacing.

    In oxford shoes, the lacing section is sewn under the vamp while in derby shoes it is just the opposite.  In the Oxford model, the whole-cut as well as the plain toe designs are more popular. On the other hand, when you look for the derby models, you will find that brogues are more predominant as compared to other types.

    2. Loafers

    Loafers are ultimate luxurious possessions in men’s shoe wardrobe and they are available in different styles and colors and they go well in both formal and informal wear. Depending on the situation loafers can be worn without socks, but there are a few things to keep in mind as explained by Protalus.

    3. Straps

    Strap shoes are extremely comfortable, and they provide firm grip to feet which prevents friction. They are adjustable, comfortable for swollen feet and stylish.

    4. Boots

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    Boots are very stylish staple and they go very well with casual and sporty look.  Moreover, they are robust and durable.

    Huh! And you thought you knew all about mens leather shoes. Consider these points when you buy your next pair.


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