Planning The Perfect Outdoor Date

    So, you’ve got the lumberjack look down pat and want to live the lumberjack lifestyle. Hiking is an increasingly popular activity among young people and is the perfect way to get in touch with your rustic side.

    Taking your special someone on a hiking adventure and showing off your knowledge of the great outdoors is the perfect way to prove that you are the ultimate rustic hipster.

    Looking the Part

    Your work clothes or weekend sweats are not going to work for a steep uphill trek with your other half. Opt for layers, as many trails can experience huge fluctuations in temperature during the day, going from very cold in the morning to unbearably hot under the afternoon sun. If your area is known to run rampant with ticks and mosquitos, long pants are needed to prevent you being eaten alive. Investing in a good non-toxic bug spray is also very important when planning a hike. Bugs getting in the middle of your mid-hike romance is sure to kill the mood.

    What to Bring

    man stepping in water

    What will you take on your romantic outdoor hiking adventure? Bringing water bottles with you on your hike is essential, especially if you are going to be hiking in the heat of the day. Besides water, plan ahead to surprise your partner with an alpine picnic.

    Since you don’t want to be weighed down by tons of heavy bags, portable options like sandwiches or a protein-packed homemade wrap are best. Bring a light blanket to lay down on a patch of grass or a boulder to you and your sweetheart can enjoy your hard earn lunch and take in the beautiful sights around you.

    Keeping Groomed

    A large part of being a bearded beauty is staying well-groomed and looking the part, even in the great outdoors. Wash your beard before you head out on your alfresco odyssey as the sweat you will incur on your hike may cause it to become wet and stick to your face.

    Having a clean beard will prevent this from happening and keep you smelling fresh throughout the day, which your sweetheart will thank you for. For extra protection against the elements and to keep your luscious locks in place and sweet smelling all day, apply your favourite beard balm or oil before you leave the house. You can also purchase a spray in sunscreen designed for use in the hair.

    This will keep the skin under your beard from becoming burnt and sensitive while exposed to the elements. Now you look and smell like a true urban lumberer and are ready to impress your companion with your rustic sense of adventure, and love for the great outdoors.


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