Beard Stories – Dave Miller

    We caught up with Dave Miller, a mature bearded gentleman who has become a local celebrity through his well groomed beard and effortless style.

    How long have you had your beard?

    I’ve had my beard for on & off now about 6 years, in its uncut format! For a constant 3 years now, just a general trim. Which I do myself I’ve attempted visiting barbershops. But if there’s gonna be a problem it’s going to be my fault hahah, the guy who cuts my hair Sean, will give it a bit of a snip but no more.

    What tools do you use to groom your beard?

    I have numerous combs & brushes. But will always go back to my Captain Fawcett Wild Boar bristle brush & Ox Horn comb, I prefer natural products as each will help develop the Beard & the accessory used.

    How do you maintain your beard?

    I still use a cut throat razor to trim my Cheek & Neck lines. Always gives a cleaner edge, also there’s that element of danger, I have recently invested in a straightener…excellent find, I have multiple oils & balms again Capt Fawcett is always my go too.

    How do you feel about your beard?

    My Beard over time has genuinely come to define me. I have workmates who have never seen me without it. Family & Friends identify me by it and at times it has a life of its own.

    I have been stopped on multiple occasions while walking through town for pictures. Interviews I was also featured in a local style magazine. But there hangs another tail, the look is also important just tee & jeans won’t cut it.

    Who are your bearded icons?

    My heroes in that would be (I refuse the word icon, like diva they have been overused in the wrong context) Alessandro Manfredini & Nick Wooster dudes who just have IT! Also Bowie a point of reference for me for over 40 years.


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