6 Romantic Anniversary Gifts for Him

    The fact that Valentine’s Day has long passed is not a reason for you to forget about your partner. Giving romantic gifts should be a habit that you practice all year long, and since several months have passed from V-day, it’s perhaps the right time to present him with something that’s very romantic.

    Who doesn’t like romantic gifts? Anyhow, we all know how specific and nerve-wracking buying present for guys is, so you might need some extra help in this department. If you have an anniversary or a birthday coming up, and you have no idea what to get him because he already has everything he THINKS he needs, take a look.

    It is not a secret that guys love to travel and you can surprise him with special men’s leather rolling briefcase, or check our list and find other cool suggestions. Some of these costs practically nothing yet are amazingly romantic, which is a great plus!

    Treasure Hunt

    One of the most thoughtful ways to surprise your guy, especially if he’s adventurous, is to organize a small treasure hunt. This could go many ways – you can either make him solve different clues in order to find the actual present you got him, or simply make this your present and have a nice, romantic dinner on the finish line.

    In order to organize this in the best possible way, you will definitely need time to think about everything, and the help of several friends who will probably have to pass out clues. You can also organize this in several teams, and let your partner compete in one, even though you might risk him losing the actual treasure hunt in his honor.

    Make sure that you know all the steps of organizing a scavenger hunt. In order to make it much more important for the two of you, you might choose the places that are important for the two of you as clue locations – this always works and it’s great fun and a walk down memory lane.

    A Sexy Box

    We’re not talking about an actual box that’s sexy, but placing all the things your partner would look sexy in one box. Obviously, this will, first of all, include some men’s sexy underwear as, let’s be honest, a guy is the sexiest in high-quality and sexy underwear.

    You can also add a nice shirt that you would like to see him in, and a pair of bamboo trainer socks, as these are always important and many men forget that they actually need to buy them, believe it or not.

    Adding different lubes, crèmes or body lotions to the box is also a great idea, and don’t forget the condoms! It’s a sexy box after all.

    ArtPix: 3D Photo Crystal

    Choose one of the most romantic ways to wonder your second part. Pick the picture with the most warm moment and stoned it with ArtPix 3D Photo Crystals. It could be a present for the whole life that will ring a bell with the best days together. 

    You can choose any form and size, just send a picture you want to be transformed. The price of such a gift is quite reasonable. 


    This is a gift that costs minimally, yet it is very effective. What you can do is make (in different graphic design apps for smartphones) and print out different coupons that your guy will be able to use in the following 3 to 6 months.

    These coupons might be used for something minor such as “romantic dinner for two“ or “going to the cinema“, but you can also be a bit bolder and add “a sexy massage by you“ or “making his sexual fantasy“ happen. This gift is proof that you don’t always have to break the bank in order to create the perfect gift – some gifts can be free yet very effective.

    Something Leather

    For all the people who want to get their guys something high-quality and good, you can always go with something made out of leather. You can either choose a good leather bag or a leather card holder – the latter one is something that many men need.

    You can find some amazing leather accessories either online or in different stores, just make sure that they correspond to your partner’s taste. If you want to get him ready for winter and snow, you can always opt for leather gloves. This is a great present that’s very often overlooked, yet it can be a lifesaver.

    A Travel Destination

    Finally, a good present would be a romantic travel destination. Of course, this might be a bit above your budget, but perhaps you saved up some money that you would like to invest in a good holiday. Since summer is just around the corner, it would be a great idea to get yourself tickets to his favorite destination. Another way to make this happen is to book a romantic trip for the fall, such as visiting the castles of Bavaria together, or simply visiting the city of love, Paris.

    Yes, picking gifts for him can be daunting. What does he need? Will he like it? What if he has the same thing? This is why you have to think outside of the box, but don’t worry. He’ll be happy with anything you get him, because boys will always be boys and know nothing about gifts (no offense you who do!).

    Custom Canvas Prints

    Canvas photo printing allows you to turn any photo into a stunning wall art piece! With custom canvas printing you can print any photo that has meaning for both of you and brings back memories. This unique gift can be made even more appealing since you can choose the photo to be split into multiple pieces and be turned into multi-panel art!


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