Ellie McCann

    We caught up with Ellie McCann, a Master Barber from Cornwall who loves the social life of barbering and the shop that she runs with her partner.

    Tell us a little bit more about yourself and how you started in the barber industry?

    I am 43 years old and  from Cornwall I started hairdressing from 14 and soon left school to go to the local college after my gcses. Never wanted to do anything else, but soon began to get a little bored with the hairdressing so cheekily went around the local barber shops looking for work and found a gentleman who was willing to take me on.

    I stayed with him on and off for nearly 19 years, and going through the normal life stuff getting married, kids, the divorce. I never gave up my scissors. Then just over 3 years ago l came home and said to my other half, this is what l want, my own place, are you with me? With no hesitation, he agreed and has been by my side all the way. He now works in our shop too and our trade is an addiction!

    What barbershop are you currently working at?

    So l work full time in our own shop Boslowick Barbers. It has 3-4 chairs and is doing well. It has quickly become a small hub of the Boslowick community, which we love.

    What’s your favourite thing about working there?

    Our shop caters for everyone, we welcome all walks of life. We get to know our clients and pride ourselves on going that one step further to make sure everyone that comes in feels welcome, and leaves feeling better, we listen.

    What do you love most about being a barber?

    I love being a barber because its my social life! We laugh, sometimes cry with our clients, but we keep learning, constantly pushing our own bounderies on education.

    Do you have a favourite cut?

    I like most cuts to be honest, but enjoy doing flat tops the most..there is a variety of them now too!!

    How do you think the barber industry is changing?

    I don’t think it is changing too much..i just think barbers are becoming more aware, and better educated.  

    Where do you see barbering in 5 years time?

    I don’t think barbering will change too much over 5 years. I just think more services are becoming more acceptable and will be found in the barbershops.

    Got any tips for bearded men? 

    Yes, lets talk beards! Biggest advice that l can give bearded gents is to make sure your barber is educated on face shapes. Make sure that they understand how your beard suits your face shape that will compliment you. Also look after your skin under your beard too! Keep beards clean and add conditioners into your beard, either with a balm, beard oil or lotion.

    What are some simple haircare rules that you think men and women should follow?

    Brush your hair daily!, don’t over use products, make sure you have a style you can look after yourself, and a style that compliments you and your personality!..oh and keep it clean 

    Lastly, if you could cut the hair of one celebrity, who would it be and why?

    I have to say there are 2..eeek!..obviously the most famous quiff in the world of Elvis, but strangely I would of loved to of done Freddy Mercurys hair too, his creativity has no bounderies so feel it would of been amazing, he had great hair to work with I should imagine.

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