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    Louisville, Kentucky – Have you ever wondered why guys grow their beards? The real reason the bushy, thick mane has covered the face of men worldwide?…Well I have no idea why YOU grow your beard, but I will definitely share with you guys my many reasons.

    Men like myself, athlete (at the time) college student, ladies man and a well-groomed individual, who sometimes refuse to shave his face when the painful hairs would grow out of your smooth as a baby’s butt face. Waiting days and days to shave after the hairs would show. Scratching and rubbing the this rugged, brillo pad like feature we call a beard.

    “Hello Antonio, my name is 5, 5o’clock shadow. I am here to rest on your face along with 500+ thousand of my friends. I do apologize if we make you feel uncomfortable but i assure you my friend you will thank us some day and you will wear us proudly” Now as I wait and wait, scratching a whole in my face avoiding shaving, I would endure the pain. But eventually I would shave back to my normal goatee. Well one day I allowed my facial hair get out of control. I surpassed the 5 o’clock shadow phase by 1 month and did not realize how long and fast it grew.

    I began to let it grow and let it grow and i shaped it into a banana shape on each side. THE WOMEN LOVED IT!!!! From that day on the BEARD was born.  I fed it, washed it, picked it, played in it, and made sure my beard was healthy. I love how the woman would react to my new look. My grown man look, my manly look, my lumberjack look. I kept it and begin noticing other guys at my school growing their beards out as well.The more I noticed guys grow their beards I wanted to change up. I cut it of and went back to my goatee.

    Years passed and I moved to Louisville Kentucky in 2008 to start a new life, a new me, a new career. I began noticing Louisville Kentucky had guys wearing the beard as if it was a must. I saw different types of beards these guys were wearing and it made me want to grow my beard back, but I did not wont to go through that process again. I also notice my hairline vanishing,and i saw guys here with bald heads and beards and it made me want to change up my hairstyle. So, what I do?  Shaved!!!! I began to grow my beard back. I wanted the barber to shave my head bald and shape up my beard.

    Source - ESPN
    Source – ESPN

    I remember being a kid and watching my Chicago Bulls play the Los Angeles Lakers and seeing James Worthy with his big beard and goggles. My father wearing his beard with a jerri curl. I can see that curl right now and him wearing his beard. But the older I got I saw more famous men wear this famous beard. Like Gerald Levert and Sean Connery,  just a couple to name. Those guys had the woman with the beard and i wanted that.

    So now that I have rocked the beard and bald head,  for many years I wanted to grow out my beard thicker more volume.  So this past November I participated in the “No shave November” and have not shaved yet. I love my beard and I try my best to take good care of it. It takes care of me!

    For more information, please contact Antonio Dilworth at 662-609-3334 anytime!


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