Beard And Wine

    What happens when you mix an epic bearded man with wine? You get ‘BeardandWine’. John Verdon has a passion for wine and enjoys talkings beards over a glass. Read his story below –

    I have always had a healthy love for wine and for the past five years I’ve experimented with differing levels of beard, from designer stubble to full beard. As a result of the considerable amount of attention my beard has received, tied in with the beginning of my formal wine training at the Wine & Spirit Education Trust in London, was born; a destination dedicated to exploring the weird and wonderful worlds of facial furniture and fermented grape juice.


    I plan on using Beard and Wine to explore my experiences in both spheres providing reviews and commentaries. Beard oils, combs, barber recommendations and stylistic beard trends will be covered as well as a strong focus on the intricacies of wine, notably sharing what I am drinking and providing an insight into where I believe you can find value.

    Beard (noun) – a growth of hair on the chin and lower cheeks of a man’s face.

    My beard has come to define me. It is often the first thing people wish to speak about and if I had a pound for every time I was stopped in the street then I would be a rich man! For me, the bearded community is amazing; from the subtle nods of appreciation from bearded brothers to fantastic beard growing/grooming advice from those in the know. Despite protestations from the masses that we have reached “peak beard”, mine is here to stay. It existed before the “trend” and it will last considerably longer. In order to keep my beard in good shape I have regular trims (every 10-14 days) and oil/comb daily. I am always keen to learn about new products/barbershops and shall be reviewing these on Beard and Wine.

    Wine (noun) – an alcoholic drink made from fermented grape juice.

    This may be the official definition but we all know that it is far far more. It is an experience. It is socialising. It is celebratory. It is relaxing. It enhances food. Overall, it is plainly enjoyable. I am going to lavish upon you some wonderful wines that I have personally experienced and I know that my enthusiasm for them will shine through. The world of wine is a wonderful learning curve and I am just at the beginning of my journey. Wine should always be about the debate so I am intrigued to hear other people’s opinions and experiences.


    I am always happy to discuss my postings (preferably over a glass, or two) and I am looking to engage with like-minded individuals who want to pursue a beard and wine journey of their own. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, @BeardandWine and check out the website,


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