We caught up with bearded brother Dustin Slayton, the founder of one of our favourite bearded apparel brands – Beardlife. Come and check out his interview  –

    What made us start Beardlife?
    Well last September I ran into a guy by the name Scott Randolph at a wedding. He was the photography for the wedding he also had an beard awesome. We hit it off from the start, we talked about working together on a protect. He had his own beard balm product and wanted to take it to the next level. Long story short he went his way and I went mine, but he sparked an idea in my mind. I posted a lot of name ideas on Facebook for people to help pick the name for the business. This is when Beardlife came to life is it a great name that fits everything about the bearded lifestyle. I was pumped up about it ideas just start jumping out of my head. I wanted to make something stand out and be cool. I thought that there wasn’t any cool t-shirts for bearded people so that’s where I started. I went and seen a local t-shirt to help me make the shirts. It’s funny how things work out the guy that worked there know me from a metal art show I did 2 years before. His name is Michael Hatcher his is the one who helped me come up with the Beardlife t-shirt design. From there it took off we started selling shirts to friends and family. I am working on a website right trying to get the final details on the site done.

    The man behind the Beard?
    Well I’m a pretty outgoing person, I have a wild crazy personality I rarely meet a stranger and can made friends with anyone. I am very passionate about life, always have a positive attitude. I just want people to always have a good time around me. God is a big party of my life without him now of this would have happen. I believe everything happens for reason, I think if it didn’t I wouldn’t have never meet you and I wouldn’t have started Beardlife. I’m very superstitious lol I like the number 13 and any odd number. I love my family more than life, I have 3 kids from my first marriage and 2 kids from what will be my second and final marriage. I have an amazing fiancé her name is Charity Powe she has really helped me with my product. At this point in my life I can say I am super happen and blessed.

    Dustin & A competition winner
    Dustin & A competition winner

    How do you think your beard has changed you?
    I posted on Facebook 2 years on no shave November, If I should keep my GO T or grow a Beard. Just about all the replies said grow a beard. One of those replies would later became my girlfriend and now my fiancé. It has helped me reinvent myself again, I mean I have tattoos and a winner personality lol it adds to sex appeal and mystery. But It has helped me opened a new chapter in my life. The beard got me my super sexy fiancé so that’s a plus. I think beards are the new tattoos trend. It can make a good-looking man look 10 times better.

    What are your aims for Beardlife?
    I hope to grow the business into something at will stand the test of time. I want to get into beard oils, balms, and everything to do and about beards. I want to support everyone I can that I cross paths with i believe it’s the right thing to do. Beardlife will be a house hold name and something that will be putting out new and different things. I didn’t want to joint the crowd i want to be the crowd that people want to joint me. Beardlife is my first business venture and its has been a fun ride so far. I have met some great people and hope to continue on my wild and crazy journey.


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    Beardlife to me is more than just a beard “It’s a Lifestyle” and not just about the beard about the journey and the great people you meet in this life. The beard is just a conversation piece and an ice breaker. Just a new way to meet people and enjoy this amazing life. So “Love Life Beardlife

    Thanks for taking the time to support me in my product and in my journey of life also. God bless you in your journey as well. Respect and Love bearded brother and beard on.
    ― Dustin Slayton, Beardlife founder


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