Beard Love Woodcut Art

    Omar Gonzalez of OG Prints creates original prints using a carved woodblock. His latest hand made creations are a wood-cut print celebrating amazing beards.

    In a small town of Kingsville located in South Texas, lives a proud beard owner who excels in his printmaking craft. Omar Gonzalez of OG Prints ( creates original handmade prints using a carved wood block. His latest creation is a woodcut print celebrating the love of the holy beard.

    He begins with a design which he then transfer to a wood block. With the use of carving tools with various gauges, he carves away at the block one cut at a time. Each cut is a spontaneous expression of how he thinks the final print will look. After carving the template, he then uses the block to create prints by inking up the block with a brayer and running it through a press. The prints are a reflection of the tactile wood block used in its formation.


    He does not only love arriving at the final product, but also documenting the process. He post progress photos of his works in progress on his social media platforms and also create videos of the printmaking practice. He believes that by allowing people a sneak peek behind the curtainm this adds value to the final piece. It’s also another way to express his love for printmaking and share my passion with others.

    Omar has been involved in printmaking for a couple of years now, which began with his introduction to the art form at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. The various processes in printmaking fascinated him and the community that the discipline inhabits is a very welcoming sight to behold.


    Recently, he has set up his start up business and have moved into a space. His latest venture is a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds for the necessary equipment to continue my passion. The campaign is scheduled to launch this October with a number of awesome prints. The link to the campaign will be located on his website.

    Be sure to check out Omar’s work at where you’ll find links to his shop and social media outlets. We wish you well our bearded brother in your future endeavors.


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