A Winter Beard Care Guide

    Let’s take you through our winter beard care guide – a focus on everything you need to know to keep your beard maintained through the coldest of our seasons.

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    As autumn rolls in – I should say, as autumn has rolled in – it’s easy to neglect our skin and hair care, choosing the easy route of TV-aided hibernation until March. It’s actually just as important to maintain them both through winter as it is in summer, even if you know you won’t emerge from behind your snood for months.

    There are a few easy, and cheap, ways to help your beard not only survive but thrive from now until the thermometer reaches 25 degrees again. Spoiler alert: most of them are really obvious and really, really easy to overlook…

    On the outside…


    Murdock Beard Products
    Murdock Beard Products

    If you’re smart you do this already, but it’s crucial in winter because harsh winds, snow, sleet, etc. all wreak as much havoc on our skin as the sun. Check out TheBeardMag for recommendations of beard-specific moisturisers and oils, but if you’re looking to do things on the cheap then you can use almost anything on your entire face from E45 to coconut oil (buy the latter in bulk from somewhere like Costco – those puny jars in supermarkets are a waste of money if you use them a lot). Slap on whatever you use morning and evening as part of your routine to minimise cracked skin, dry skin, the Rudolph nose effect and a dry beard.

    Go on Spa Days

    Either do yourself a hot towel treatment, or head down your local spa or sauna. If you’re a bit nervous of meeting your mother in law in one, you can get spa days just for dudes. If you’re short on money, run a hot bath and borrow some Sanctuary Spa from someone. Open your pores and reduce the sniffles in one!

    Keep it clean


    Dark days are no excuse not to slack on your day-to-day hair and beard care! Keep it combed, clean and tidy or no one will go near you on New Year’s Eve. Winter’s a good opportunity to try new beard styles without worrying about tan lines or overheating, but there’s a fine line between fashionable and unkept.

    On the inside…


    mens moisturisers

    At risk of sounding like your primary school teacher: it’s incredibly easy to get dehydrated in colder months, mostly because we don’t notice so much when we sweat, and because we don’t exactly feel warm. But in terms of neglecting to keep your hair and skin dewy and beautiful, dehydration is pretty much the first nail in the coffin. Check out Boots for lots of choice!

    The stats: every day we lose about a 3-4 litres of our body’s water (the body itself is about 60% water). Half of that is actually from talking and breathing – we don’t just breathe out vapour on cold days – with the other half from sweating and urinating. Pretty much the first and best way to keep your beard, hair and skin healthy is to drink about 1.5 litres of fluid a day, and remember that by the time you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated. Alcohol doesn’t count, and arguably nor does tea or coffee as they’re diuretics. Keep a glass of water on your desk all day and make sure it’s finished by the time you go home. Boom, you’ve improved your health and beard for free!

    Eat Your Vegetables

    Not just because if you don’t you’ll be extra susceptible to illness, and no one likes a snotty beard. Vitamins and minerals are thought to help boost keratin, the protein found in hair, teeth and nails. Generally speaking, vitamins and minerals help boost everything, so use the winter to get to know your NutriBullet… It’s hard over the festive season, but making sure you eat properly will pay for itself, and not just because it means you can let yourself go in that week between Christmas and new year.

    Do you have any tips about maintaining your beard over winter? Do you have a super product or a winter routine? Let us know!


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