Tristan Cameron Harper

    We caught up with the model and ice hockey player Tristan Cameron-Harper, he is an athletic outdoors man who loves his beard and his sport. Check out his interview below:

    We have seen on Instagram that you play Ice Hockey for Glasgow, what made you get into that sport?

    My two main sports when l was younger was Rugby & Inline Hockey, inline hockey is a non contact sport compared to Ice Hockey. l was introduced to Ice Hockey by my uncle who had watched me lots growing up playing sports. He could see that l was a physical player & thought that ice hockey would fit my personality more in the sports world, so he would take me skating on a regular basis to get my confidence up.

    He was an international Ice hockey player that had represented team Great Britain so l was in good hands when it came to learning to play ice hockey even though the transition from Inline to ice is similar there was still a great deal to learn when being on the ice. I quickly became a huge fan and lover of the game and to this day its one of my passions to play ice hockey for a living.

    Any other interests? We see you enjoy the outdoors which is very adventurous!

    I have alot of interests when it comes to outdoors, lm a very adventurous person l love to be out in the open fresh air. I enjoy anything really that gets the blood pumping & adrenaline going, always a great accomplishment climbing to the top of a mountain.

    Can you try to take us through your daily routine when it comes to beard care? Do you use products like oils and waxes? Do you have any specific brands that you prefer?

    First thing l do is wash my face & beard with Kalamazoo face/beard wash from Lush then l blow dry my beard while combing at the same time. Then once its all settled to the way l like it l then put a few drops of Bedfordshire beard oil in, then mess it all around my beard. l then comb my beard again & use some Bedfordshire beard wax to shape my moustache.

    Thats how l prep my beard. if its a little hot outside & my beard is not sitting the way l want it to l normally take a little amount of Bedfordshire beard balm at the end of my whole beard process and rub in my beard, this helps keep the shape a tad more especially when your hair is a little static.

    Do you trim and maintain your facial hair on your own, or do you only let your barber handle it? Who is your ‘go to’ guy for trimming and maintenance?

    I do a little bit of both l have a guy that normally handles my beard from month to month called Richie Martin who works at Wee Rebel in Glasgow who is part of the Young Feds Artistic team who travel all over Europe doing hair shows/events. But l do like to bring out the trimmer & make sure there is no hairs that look out place so l can say its a joint team effort between myself & Richie. I am always open for meeting top hairstylists to get a small beard trim & cut always great mixing it up once in a while.

    Do you feel as though your beard has helped launched you into modelling?

    My beard has definitely helped me in someway become more recognised in the modelling industry but l started without a beard & did just as well, it all comes down to what clients want these days and the beard seems to be a big factor for some then for others its not. I would happily shave my beard off if l got a good job offer, it always grows back but l may fed a few tears haha.

    If you could work with any photographer in the world right now, who would you choose?

    Any photographer in the world that’s a tough question, there is so many talented photographers out there but if l had to choose one photographer it would have to be Paolo Roversi, his work is truly amazing & the fact that he uses minimum amount of equipment just shows how talented he really is.

    What’s next for Tristan, Any big plans in the works?

    Well right now for me my main focus is Ice Hockey as we are approaching the end of our season so aiming on winning the league. After hockey season lm going to adventure wherever there is work for me & try to get signed with a few other agencies rather than being represented by 1.

    I really want to be a part of a big brand as there goto guy something along the lines of Belstaff, Breitling watches, The north face etc.. The ultimate dream job would be travelling to secluded places on earth taking pictures & documenting my experiences & showing people what this beautiful world has to offer.

    What is the one bearded piece of wisdom you would like to share with our readers?

    It doesn’t always itch so get past the awkward stage, eat healthy as this helps with better growth & always take great care of your beard.

    Lastly, which are your favourite Instagram pages that you can’t live without?

    My favourite instagram pages have to be…

    Social Media

    Instagram –
    Twitter –


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