Walter Williams

    We caught up with the bearded adventurer Walter Williams, he is a man’s man who loves beer, beards, photography, guns and weight lifting. Check out his interview below:

    Can you try to give our readers a bit of a background on yourself, a quick spill about things you are into?

    I am an adventure seeker, photographer, craft beer enthusiast/home brewer, gun addict, weightlifter and martial artist. But primarily I just like to have fun.

    We have seen on Instagram that you used to be in the U.S. military? Can you tell us more?

    I spent five years in the U.S. Marine Corps and deployed overseas and to Afghanistan. That’s about as much information about my time in the service that I can release.

    Any other interests?

    I love traveling. In addition to journeying through the United States, I have spent time backpacking through Europe. My next big trip outside the U.S. may possibly be to Iceland or Scandinavia.

    Can you try to take us through your daily routine when it comes to beard care? Do you use products like oils and waxes? Do you have any specific brands that you prefer?

    While showering I clean my beard with beard shampoo and conditioner then apply a nickel size amount of beard oil to my beard, face and hair. After applying the oil I brush and blow-dry (at low heat) my beard. Occasionally I will use mustache wax, but a very light application. Reason for this is because I like the natural look to my mustache.

    I have a cabinet full of beard oils but I prefer and only recommend a handful of them. Here’s a list of the companies without any ranking: Zeus Men Company, Cornwall Beard Oil, Beard Brand, the Bearded Bastard, and Apothecary87.

    Do you trim and maintain your facial hair on your own, or do you only let your barber handle it? Who is your ‘go to’ guy for trimming and maintenance?

    I let my barber do the trimming and style to my beard. Fortunately for him I am too nervous to do any maintenance in fear of chopping half of it off. You can check out his work and find more info about him on his Instagram @ryangorey

    Do you feel as though your beard has opened you up to new opportunities?

    It’s not the beard but the man behind it. Luckily I have been fortunate to have good facial hair genes. However, having a lifestyle and personality like mine has only made my image that much more appealing. Nonetheless, I have been overwhelmed with the opportunities and contacts I have made within the bearded community.

    We see that you are a photographer; do you prefer being behind the camera or in front?

    I honestly prefer both. Although I am not a model and do not consider myself one I frequently like being in front of the camera as well as being behind it developing my photography skills.

    What’s next for Walter Williams? Any big plans in the works?

    Other than continuing an adventurous lifestyle with my girlfriend, I am partaking in a project organized by a class at Full Sail University. Not going to release too much information but it involves myself, bearded included, in a video game.

    What is the one bearded piece of wisdom you would like to share with our readers?

    Not everyone can grow a massive beard so don’t get frustrated during the early stages where it looks patchy. Take care of your beard by applying a reasonable amount of products to it.

    Lastly, which are your favorite Instagram pages that you can’t live without?

    @atticusradley and the one and only @stacymiche

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