7 Men’s Fall Fashion Trends in 2021

    As the days get shorter and the nights cooler, it’s time to ditch the summer threads and wrap up warm. This fall, with many COVID restrictions being lifted across the country, many people are hoping to be socializing outside of the home and even working from the office once more, giving you the perfect excuse to do some shopping. Here are seven of the hottest men’s trends for fall 2021 to inspire you.

    1. Men’s Jewelry As You’ve Never Seen It

    While hip hop artists and sports stars have had a love affair with men’s jewelry for decades, jewelry for men has come in and out of the mainstream over the years. However, in 2021 more men have been experimenting with bling, from simple, chic gold pendants to striking pearl chokers.

    The use of pearls in men’s jewelry hasn’t been in vogue since the 1980s, but with superstars like Harry Styles, Usher, A$AP Rocky, and Shawn Mendes rocking the look, the rules about what constitutes men’s and women’s jewelry have been kicked to the curb. Fall 2021 is a decidedly fun time for bling-loving men to experiment with their look.

    Men’s jewelry this season is all about pushing boundaries and making a statement. While some men are living by a more is more philosophy, piling on layers and layers of customized pendants, strings of diamond, and multiple striking gold chains for men, others are sticking to one statement piece, such as a gold and pearl choker or a dramatic pinky ring.

    This fall we’ll see necklaces layered over knit sweaters and peeking out under scarves, as well as a move to dangle earrings. If you’ve wanted to invest in some jewelry for men, now is the time.

    2. Big, Bold Knitwear

    As the nights draw in and the temperature begins to drop, fashionistas look for a new way to reinvent the coziest of all garments: knitwear. This year’s knitwear patterns are bigger and bolder than ever.

    The biggest knitwear trend to hit in fall 2021 is geometric prints, with Versace, Prada, and Dior all showing pieces with bold patterns. The oversized trend that seems here to stay is also featured highly in men’s knitwear this autumn. Oversized sweaters with drop-shoulders and low hems make a cozy addition to your closet come fall.

    Mens fashion fall 2021

    3. Varsity Jackets, But Make It Fashion

    Every few years, the varsity jacket comes back into style, with each generation putting its spin on this athletic classic. This season fashion brands have retained the quintessential varsity features that we know and love, such as the striped cuff, color contrasting, and match details, but they’ve turned up the volume and made it rock and roll. 

    Just like with the knitwear trend, high fashion brands such as Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Y/Project have shown chic oversized varsity jackets that are the ideal pieces to build your whole look around. In the past, varsity jackets sat firmly in sportswear, but this year they have been elevated to high fashion status, and the preppy vibe has been roughed up as they are paired with experimental tailoring and grunge denim.

    4. New Tailoring For The New World

    Fashion continues to push the boundaries this fall as the suit gets reinvented. After a year and a half of working from home, many people are starting to head back to the office, but once you’ve worked in your pajamas, can you ever go back to restrictive suiting? If the answer is “no,” you’re in luck, as this season sees the introduction of the non-suit.

    Innovative designers such as Homme Plissé Issey Miyake, Paul Smith, and Prada have created two-piece looks in tailoring fabrics in non-restrictive cuts. There is an easy, Japanese aesthetic that runs through many of these looks. Embrace this style if you need to be smart enough to return to the office but want to trick yourself that you’re still in your sweats working from your couch.

    Mens fashion fall 2021

    5. Mini Bags For Men

    Bags for men have gone through many iterations, from the briefcase to the messenger bag, to the backpack, but in recent years they’ve been shrinking, perhaps because all you need to carry these days is your phone, a credit card, and a face mask. While 2020 saw the rise of the fanny pack, men’s bags are shrinking once more; enter the mini bag.

    These tiny bags with long straps have a utilitarian feel and are reminiscent of a camera or binoculars case. Wear yours either across the body, as shown by OAMC, or as a neckchain à la Fendi. Not only are these teeny bags super convenient and bang on trend, but they also exaggerate the cut of your oversized sweater or varsity jacket.

    6. ‘90s Leather is Back

    Come fall leather usually makes its way onto the runway and into the streets in one form or another, and this year is no different. But forget biker jackets; this year is seeing the resurgence of the ultra-long leather coat.

    One by one, ‘90s trends have been finding their way back into our closets, and now it’s time to relive The Matrix and embrace long, black leather coats once more. A whole host of designers from Loewe and Casablanca to Prada and GmbH have created their very own versions of this look. After over a year of lockdown orders around the country, men are reemerging this fall, ready to take on the world with their heavy-duty overcoats.

    7. Straight From the Ski Slopes to the City

    Sportswear has long influenced high and street fashion alike, and this year, fashion-conscious men are looking to ski slopes for inspiration. This look satisfies several of the hot trends this year, including oversized shapes, bold colors, and technical fabrics, such as nylon. Not to mention the padding is ideal for when temperatures begin to drop.

    If you’re searching for ideas of how to wear this look off the slopes and on the streets, look to designers such as A-Cold-Wall, Wooyoungmi, Fendi, and ERL. Pair with a mini bag to be on-trend this fall.

    Have Fun With Fashion This Fall

    More than ever, designers and style lovers are pushing the boundaries of men’s fashion this fall. After living through a global pandemic, it’s time to step outside of your box and have some fun. Experiment with looks you may not have tried before, whether that’s a pearl necklace or a ski-suit; you never know, you might just love it!


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