5 Emerging Trends in 2020 That You Should Be Investing In

    The new decade is considered a period of fast-paced changes and developments across the whole world. Most great investments that are present in our modern day didn’t even exist a few years ago.

    It’s essential to be able to sense the pulse of the local and global markets, especially when you’re investing vital resources. New trends are constantly coming and going with some growing to achieve stardom, while others disappearing under the crashing waves of newer ones.

    Investing in technology is quite lucrative and alluring, as they don’t require the same capital needed for traditional investments, like real-estate, while also bringing in more profits from the small initial investment.

    It’s still not the easiest, sure-fire way to invest, as it’s very hard to predict what new ideas would suit the market. Helpful advice from summarizes the importance of knowing the motive behind taking a loan, whether it’s for investment or other reasons.

    Following and analyzing trends are the best place to start when you’re thinking about investing. We’ve collected the top 5 emerging trends in 2020 that could be worth investing in.

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    The concept of the internet of things has been a long-awaited leap in technology, which even sci-fi literature has featured. To put it in simple terms, computers and phones aren’t the only devices connected to the internet. There are around 9 billion devices connected to the internet and the number is expected to hit 20 billion in the coming years.

    Traditional devices and facilities are beginning to become ‘smarter’ in order to optimize their use and control. Smart homes are a relatively new concept, but are starting to gain traction by the day.

    Different digital functionalities are being integrated into houses, starting from the lighting to the water system. Tech giants are locked in a race to create smart objects and systems that make it more convenient to run everyday life.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence has been the talk of the town since the term was coined in the 50s. The potential of creating a machine that executes functions at high-proficiency and accuracy is limitless.

    The epitome of artificial intelligence isn’t just to create a system that resembles human thinking, but to also exceed it using sophisticated computational technology. Investments in AI have been rocky since its beginnings, as it has received a lot of criticism from many people.

    But thanks to the exponential growth of the internet and computer power, it’s finally receiving the attention it deserves. The most common AI technologies used across a lot of sectors are facial recognition, speech commands, and other functions.

    Investing in growth stocks

    While current economic and political climates are making it harder to find the right stocks to invest in, there are still some sectors with the fundamental growth in the long run. This year is expected to be a fast-tracking year for the cannabis industry, with positive political and legal influences across the United States and Europe. 

    Renewable energy stocks are also expected to shine, even more, thanks to the green wave that is bringing in more green policies. It is important to be able to read the market and research it well. Investing and trading are things that require awareness of the world’s geopolitical trends.

    Digital ecosystems

    Digital ecosystems aren’t a new concept, but with the development of digital technology, they’re becoming increasingly essential. Examples of digital ecosystems include knowledge graphs, synthetic data, and decentralized organizations.

    The more the users are able to control their data and privacy, the more the balance of power is shifted towards individuals, rather than internet behemoths. Both businesses and individuals are gaining a lot from digital ecosystems, making it a worthy investment for 2020 and beyond.

    Extended reality

    Extended reality is a term that includes different technologies that are used to enhance and simulate immersive digital environments, using computers. Virtual reality is a technology that uses computer-generated realities to immerse the users and isolate them from the real world.

    Augmented reality is basically using digital layers on-top of real existing imagery. Mixed reality is an addition to augmented reality that makes it possible to interact with the digital layers added. Investments into extended reality are picking up, as a lot of hardware bottlenecks are being removed, and giant tech companies are investing heavily in it.

    These 5 emerging trends are becoming increasingly popular and will continue to grow as far as technology allows it. Most of the emerging trends are related to the digital world as it’s proving to be a very fertile ground for investment.


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