How To Overcome Gym Intimidation

    The gym can be a scary place if you are not used to environment, just the sound of weights moving and fitness machinery can be very daunting (not to mention the people). If this applies to you, don’t think that you are alone as this type of intimidation can be very common. Luckily, we are here to help you through this – check out some of our great tips for gym intimidation.

    Take a Friend

    Taking a friend to the gym is a great way to build each others confidence! Having someone with you is also a great way to motivate your workouts, you should always be looking to support one another with spotting and guidance. Once your confidence has been built up; you can then start to visit the gym alone, try not to always wait for your friend if you are desperate to workout.

    Find a Quiet Time To Visit

    Gyms are exactly the same as public transport, they always seem to get really busy around the time people are heading to or from work. Chances are that 6pm on a Monday, the gym is going to be so busy that you start getting frustrated enough to give up on your workout. You want to pick a time that is suitable enough for you to complete your entire workout whilst exerting the least amount of stress; we find that early mornings and lunch are quieter times. If you really want to test your motivation levels, set yourself the challenge of attending the gym on a weekend (when most people are nursing hangovers in bed).

    Try a Class

    Most people nowadays only use the gym for their classes, as opposed to their actual machines. Choosing to do a class is great for motivation and socialsing, the instructor will always push you to your fitness limits and help guide you on form and posture. Classes are a great way to meet new people as there are often drinks breaks, time outs and introductions before the class. Most people will regularly attend the same class so it won’t take you long to start making friends.

    Book An Induction

    This is an excellent way to meet some of the staff and get used to your new surroundings, chances are they probably know most of the regulars so can do some friendly introductions. Learning how to use each piece of equipment is also necessary for correct form as well as creating an effective workout plan. Your induction coach can help with any fitness plan and will help assist you with your objectives and goals.

    You should find that once you have visited a few times and the endorphins have kicked in, not only will you start to see your figure change but you might have made some new friends too. There is no reason why you should feel intimidated at the gym, everyone has their insecurities and the gym is a great place to work towards your goals.

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