Beard Tinting

    One thing that has been trending again recently is the argument that beards are no longer in fashion, well let us just put that straight and say yes they most certainly are! One thing that we are getting asked a lot on social media is, ‘How do I stop my beard from losing it’s colouring?’. The simple answer is; you can’t stop it… you can however look at beard tinting to bring that colour back. Most men are now dying their beard to reverse the classic salt and pepper look. It is exactly the same process that women use to tint their eyebrows and will help give your beard a fuller, more youthful look.

    Before you start thinking about tinting your beard, there are a few things that you need to know. Tinting your beard will not change the colour for good and it does involve a certain level of upkeep and touch ups along the way. We only advise that you tint your beard if you have larger patches of discolouration, small hairs can actually be touched up with an eyebrow pencil.

    This is a very new trend so there is a high chance that your barber doesn’t actually offer a beard tinting treatment, if that’s the case then you should look to do this yourself at home. We must stress that you need to be careful with hair dye, it can cause skin irritations if applied incorrectly, always read the bottle and follow the safety instructions. When you purchase a dye, try and get a lighter shade than the hair on the back of your head, this is a spot which doesn’t get altered by direct sunlight and is closest to your natural hair colour. (We also recommend picking up a colour blocker to prevent the dye staining your skin).

    You want to choose a colour that is one shade lighter that your natural skin tone, going too dark might make your beard colouring blatant. Always follow the instructions with the dye and be sure to test a small amount first to check for any chemically induced skin reactions. You will find that most dyes come with a small brush, just simply comb through your grey hairs for the best results.

    That’s beard tinting in a nutshell, be sure to share your before and after beard tint with us, you will be surprised how much confidence it brings!


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