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    Mrs Irene Tziveli work in branding and business development dpt. for Original Toiletries. Original Toiletries is an anthology’s brand, the result of research, recovery and re-evaluation of iconic products for shaving and toiletries of the UK market and other brands worldwide. The brand, founded in 2004 in Rome, is now recognized as a pioneer and forefront distributor of toiletries products, with a large and precise focus on the art of shaving and male grooming. They have expanded their product selection to contemporary products, all naturally organic, both Italian and international.

    Personally, my beard was dry and often weakened due to stress heat. Working as combat sports trainer, I have to my beard after training which is five days a week: that’s not good at all. My 3 tips for you: stay hydrated, get you vitamins & minerals (like A, B6 and Zinc) and use quality beard-care products.

    Original Toiletries

    For the review, Original Toiletries sent us a wide range of their top selling body-care products and hi-quality beard-care products for grooming. They are an online company, so all orders are delivered to your door, all presented in a vintage looking metallic box. The products that we have selected to review are – Couto toothpaste, the well know Beardsley shampoo and lotion for beards, the Supreme balm from Poms&Co.

    The toothpaste is from Portuguese Couto company who have the 1930’s original packaging. The first formula was registered into the city of Porto in 1932 by Alberto Ferreira do Couto, pharmacy manager. With the assistance of a stomatologist friend, he created a medical toothpaste that, not only clean teeth, it disinfects the mouth as well thanks to its antiseptic properties. Couto toothpaste is not tested on animals and does not have any ingredients from animals. It does not contain SLS (Sodium Lauril Sulfate). It’s formula is more concentrated that other toothpastes, so less quantity in the brush is needed. The small production is still carried out the Couto family.

    couto toothpaste

    The Beardsley Ultra Shampoo is specially formulated for facial hair. It comes in two flavors: wild berry or cantaloupe. I tested the wild berry flavor. Ever since the first application, my beard has taken on a clean and pleasing appearance to the touch. I have to tell you that the product is very foamy and gives a thick lather, It feels great to rub deep into the roots and moisturisers the dry skin underneath. After using the shampoo for a few weeks, I could see less ‘beardruff’ and my beard itching had disappeared.

    Next up is the Supreme Balm from Pomp&CO, this young company is owned by the young Donnelly brothers, barbers for over four generations and is located in Dublin, Ireland. The passion for this product has led them to develop their product for more than two years. An ointment with characteristics superior to those offered by the market and the creation of a fragrance that would serve as a colony by the hair, it took more than a year of testing to integrate. The production is artisanal with top quality ingredients and well taken care of in the design, handmade by an artist from Boston who expresses a modern style with a retro flavor. The balm has a texture almost flimsy, lightweight, soft, with a non-invasive fragrance. The balm allowed me to shape my beard easier than a standard oil, a small amount rubbed deeply into your beard should be enough to last all day long, I was also impressed with how long the scent lingered.

    Be sure to check out Original Toiletries here and be sure to keep the hype high by taking care of your beard. See you at the barber shop (or at the pub for a refreshing beer, my friends…)


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