The Gentleman’s Guide to 2018 Gym Wear

    Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat – a gentleman is no stranger to fitness. In fact, fitness is an inextricable part of a gentleman’s life. Why, we hear you ask? Because a suit looks twice, nay, a hundred times better on a sculpted physique than a dad bod! And how dare you sport an amazing Tom Ford and a bear belly at the same time?

    Besides, exercising regularly is extremely healthy for you, so that’s a plus, even though your number one goal is to look as good and as much of a badass as possible. But reaching beyond the physical benefits, fitness is especially healthy for your psychological and emotional well-being. If you need more convincing here are the Top 10 Running Benefits to get you motivated. You’ll feel more confident, you will become more resilient and determined – you will be a new man ready and willing to crush new goals. But you also need to dress the part.

    Here is everything you need to know about gent’s gym wear for 2018.

    What’s in your gym bag?

    So, what is in your gym bag? That doesn’t matter right now, what does matter is what your bag looks like. Sure, you could go for a cheap canvas sack that’s going to last you for a month or so before it falls apart – much like your confidence and personal style.


    No, you need something sturdy, something you can take to the office with you, something that can perfectly complement your suit and your debonair personality. Enter, the faux leather bag, or PVC bag. These are sturdy, elegant, they look like leather but they actually smell nice. This is a gentleman’s go-to bag as they go perfectly with every outfit, from casual to full Harvey Specter.

    The Proper Footwear

    Let’s start dressing you from the feet up, shall we, as footwear is the last thing to come to mind and is usually completely neglected. You don’t want to wear you regular sneakers to the gym, as it’s not only unsanitary, but it can be dangerous as well – for you image and your health.

    There are two types of shoes you should have with you at the gym: your cardio shoes, and your lifting shoes. Cardio shoes can be regular trainers with comfy soles that will provide enough traction and comfort for those steady running sessions or even explosive endurance exercises. On the other hand, your lifting shoes will be essential in providing stability and control during those heavy lifts. These can be flat-soled like regular Chucks, or elevated like Nike Romaleos or AdiPowers.

    Leggings, shorts, or sweats?

    When it comes to leg wear, you need a mix of comfort, functionality, and elegance. Fortunately, leggings, shorts, and sweats all work to achieve this, depending on your style and preference. Be sure to choose tapered sweats and flattering shorts that follow the curves of your legs.

    However, the most important part is functionality. Your leg wear needs to provide enough pressure to keep the blood flowing and keep you warm and dry during the workout, so breathable compression clothing is a must. Fortunately, compression clothes are extremely popular, so you can easily find a piece that complements your style.

    Performance shirts and hoodies


    As for the shirts you wear, there are two main options: pure cotton and dry-fit compression. Simple cotton shirts are plentiful in style and so are compression shirts, however, with the latter you will be able to increase your performance due to their breathable and sweat-resistant design.

    As for the hoodie, you only ever need it until you are well-warmed up and ready to get into your working sets, but the style factor still remains. Opt for a piece that complements your leg wear, but make sure the shirt underneath presents a nice contrast in color and texture. Avoid heavily branded wear.

    A gentleman not only knows his way around the weight stack and a heavy punching bag, he also knows how to take his unique style with him no matter where he goes. Be sure to use this guide to step into the New Year with confidence and elegance, hell bent on success!


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