5 Tips To Helping Friends In Need

    During difficult times, we tend to run to our friends for comfort and advice, hot-wired to helping friends. And when they need us in return, it is natural that we also want to help them in whatever way we can. But oftentimes, when our friends are not totally open to sharing their problems, it may not be so easy to know how we can help them. Some people are naturally silent and tend to keep their distance when they have a problem. How can you approach them and offer help?

    Here are five tips for helping a friend in need.

    1. Suggest a place where they can find peace and help themselves

    If your friend needs help from alcohol and substance abuse, the best thing you could do is to suggest a place like The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake where they can receive proper treatment. Oftentimes, no matter how hard you try to help someone, they are going to need proper care and treatment from professionals. Suggesting a rehab center can help them receive proper medical detox and treatment from either drug abuse or alcohol.

    1. Avoid forcing your help on them

    As a friend, the best thing we can do is to offer and suggest ways to help them but if they decline it, accept it and do not try to force it on them. Pushing them to do something they don’t want can only aggravate them and they may not talk to you again. It doesn’t mean that you won’t offer to help again when there is a chance but be mindful of how you say it and let them know that if they change their minds, you will be there for them.

    1. Let them decide on their own in the end

    Avoid assuming that you know what’s best for your friend because as an adult, they need to make their own decisions. Be there on difficult times and do your best to help and give suggestions on what sort of help will work for them, but in the end, let them decide which one they would like to receive. Let them know that they haven’t lost control of their lives.


    1. Be the person they can wholly trust

    If your friend is in trouble and seriously needs your help, giving them the privacy that they need would help them big time. Avoid sharing the details of their problem with others unless your friend openly permitted you to do so. Even though sharing it with someone may be of good intention, it is best that you withhold any private information to others so they won’t lose their confidence and trust in you.

    1. Simply listen

    Sometimes, the best help that we can give to a friend in need is to just listen. They may just need a sympathetic ear and being there to listen to them rather than giving our opinion or suggestion can greatly help them. This will make them feel that they can depend on you in time of trouble and need. Helping friends is what makes a good friend, remember that next time your friends need you.


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