Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Switch to an Electric Vehicle

    Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, and more people are thinking about making the switch. If you have been debating whether now is the right time to make the change to an electric vehicle, here are the reasons you should go ahead and take the leap.

    Environmental Impact

    The main reason why many people choose to swap to an electric vehicle is because it is better for the environment. Electric cars have no carbon emissions which makes switching a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint. They also have fewer overall emissions, making them an environmentally friendly choice. Electric vehicles are also quieter so also limit noise pollution, meaning you’re less likely to annoy your neighbours if you’re coming and going at unsociable hours. Plus, with electric car charging times being less than you might expect, you can be assured you are making a positive environmental change.


    The initial outlay for an electric car may seem expensive, but electric cars are known for holding their value so they are a great investment for the future. Not only that, but electric vehicles are cheaper to maintain compared to their fuel-powered equivalents, meaning you will be spending less on upkeep in years to come. When you consider the steep rise in fuel prices over the past year, running costs for electric vehicles are cheaper when compared to their petrol-powered counterparts. If you view your EV purchase as a long-term investment, you will find it makes financial sense to make the switch. 


    If you’ve ever experienced the fear that comes with realising you are low on fuel and miles from the nearest garage, you’ll love the ease of charging an electric car. If you have a garage or driveway, you can install your own charger and plug in at home. Many businesses are now providing charging ports in their carparks so employees can charge up during the working day, and with public charging points becoming more commonplace, you are sure to find one that is local to you.

    A Better Driving Experience

    Motorists who have already made the switch to electric vehicles have been surprised by the smooth driving experience these newer vehicles provide. Their low centre of gravity offers better control, handling and response, all of which contribute to a more comfortable ride and more pleasurable driving experience.

    Thinking Ahead

    Electric cars are still thought of as innovative and futuristic, but with the UK government pledging that all new cars will be electric by 2030, non-electric cars will soon be outdated, making them more expensive to run and repair. Think ahead and make the switch now. Be as efficient as the EV you choose!

    If you decide to move to an electric vehicle, take the time to research which model is best suited to your needs. Once you have found your perfect match you can enjoy your new car and all it has to offer knowing that your choice is great for you, society, and the environment.


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