When in San Diego With the Fam: A Few Awesome Things to Do

    Having a family trip to San Diego? Here are a few things you can do to make the most of your trip – If you are thinking about what to do in San Diego with kids, visit these amazing places!

    Balboa Park

    With over 1,200 acres of land, Balboa Park is one of the largest urban parks in the United States. In addition to its expansive size, the park is also home to a diverse range of attractions, including museums, gardens, and performing arts venues.

    What to do at Balboa Park:

    • Visit the Museum of Art
    • Stroll through the botanical gardens
    • See a show at the Old Globe Theatre
    • Explore the San Diego Zoo

    La Jolla Cove

    La Jolla Cove is one of the most popular tourist destinations in San Diego. The small beach is situated in a picturesque cove and is surrounded by cliffs. La Jolla Cove is also home to a variety of marine life, making it a popular spot for snorkeling and diving.

    What to do at La Jolla Cove:

    • Snorkel or dive in the cove
    • Take a walk along the cliffs
    • Have a picnic on the beach
    • Watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean

    San Diego Zoo

    The San Diego Zoo is one of the largest and most well-known zoos in the world. The zoo is home to over 3,700 animals, representing more than 650 species. In addition to its animal collection, the San Diego Zoo also features a variety of exhibits and educational programs.

    What to do at the San Diego Zoo:

    • Explore the animal exhibits
    • Attend a keeper talk or tour
    • Watch one of the animal shows
    • Visit the Giant Panda exhibit
    San Diego Family Holiday

    SeaWorld San Diego

    SeaWorld San Diego is a world-renowned marine life park. The park is home to a variety of shows and attractions, as well as an extensive collection of marine animals. SeaWorld also offers educational programs and tours that provide visitors with an up-close look at the animals and their habitats.

    What to do at SeaWorld San Diego:

    • See the killer whale show
    • Watch the dolphins play
    • Feed the sharks
    • Explore the tide pools
    • Take a behind-the-scenes tour

    Gaslamp Quarter

    The Gaslamp Quarter is a historic district in downtown San Diego. The 16-block area is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and nightclubs. The Gaslamp Quarter is also a popular destination for event and festivals, such as Mardi Gras and Comic-Con.

    What to do in the Gaslamp Quarter:

    • Stroll through the district and window shop
    • Grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants
    • Dance the night away at a nightclub
    • Attend a festival or event

    Old Town San Diego

    Old Town San Diego is a historic district that features a variety of shops, restaurants, and museums. The area is also home to a number of historic buildings, including the first schoolhouse and courthouse in San Diego.

    What to do in Old Town San Diego:

    • Walk through the historic district
    • Visit one of the museums
    • Grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant
    • Do some shopping

    Coronado Island

    Coronado Island is a small island located just off the coast of San Diego. The island is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and hotels. Coronado Beach is also a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, and surfing.

    What to do on Coronado Island:

    • Visit the Coronado Beach
    • Take a walk around the island
    • Do some shopping
    • Have a bite to eat at one of the restaurants

    Cabrillo National Monument

    Cabrillo National Monument is a park that commemorates the landing of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in San Diego. The park is located on a point of land that provides sweeping views of the city and the harbor. Cabrillo National Monument is also home to a variety of plant and animal life.

    What to do at Cabrillo National Monument:

    • Take in the sweeping views
    • Explore the tide pools
    • Hike one of the trails
    • Visit the Old Point Loma Lighthouse

    Birch Aquarium

    The Birch Aquarium is an aquarium located in La Jolla. The aquarium features a variety of exhibits, including a kelp forest and a shark exhibit. The aquarium also offers tours and educational programs.

    What to do at the Birch Aquarium:

    • Explore the aquarium’s exhibits
    • Take a tour of the facility
    • Attend an educational program
    • Watch a 3D movie

    USS Midway Museum

    The USS Midway Museum is a maritime museum located on an aircraft carrier. The museum features a variety of exhibits and tours that provide visitors with an up-close look at the history of the US Navy.

    What to do at the USS Midway Museum:

    • Explore the museum’s exhibits
    • Take a tour of the aircraft carrier
    • Watch a flight simulator show
    • Climb to the top of the mast

    San Diego is a very kid-friendly city! There are plenty of activities for kids to do, both indoors and outdoors. The weather is also great for kids to be outside most of the year. Plus, there are several family-friendly neighborhoods throughout the city.
    If you want to go further than only family-friendly activities, you can try out some of the wineries. Southern California is full of these!


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