What is there to do in Lancaster, PA?

    There are many cities in Pennsylvania that you need to visit any time you are here. Lancaster is one such city that is commonly visited by all kinds of tourists. There are also many things that one can do when they come here. In this article, we shall discuss some of the things to do in Lancaster, PA by Busy Tourist. Even if one does not visit on a bus tour, there are still dozens of fun activities suitable for the whole family.

    Here are some things you can do at Lancaster, PA

    1. Dutch Wonderland

    This is a wonderful place that you and your family can visit for all the fun. This is a particularly good place for kids to have fun and enjoy activities like water slides and roller coasters. For the toddlers, you can have them engaged through teacup rides and carousels. Parents will not be left behind. There are many fun activities for adults such as game booths, fun houses, virtual reality, and dinosaur exhibits among others.  Once you purchase your ticket for this place, be sure to enjoy endless fun. You will be happy with the fact that this place is very convenient for tourists in terms of reach and customer care.

    2. The Amish Farm and House

    This is another very informative place you can take a bust tour to. This is an 18th-century farmhouse that offers a lot of history. The site is a very informative place for those interested in the history of the Amish Farm House.  Here, you will learn a lot about the Amish Community and how they live. So, what are the fun activities that you can engage in at this farm? Well, this is a common question. You can enjoy the authentic Amish country by taking a bus tour through the farmlands, visiting their shop, and also touring their village. As a souvenir for your visit, you can buy handcrafted clothes, buy blankets at the shop, and many other items.

    3. Visit the Turkey Hill for an experience of your lifetime

    There are many fun activities one can engage in when they visit the Turkey Hill. If you love teas and ice-creams, this is the place to visit. You can take specialty tea and ice-creams to beat the heat of the place. Turkey Hill, being a dairy company has a lot to offer for people interested in dairy products. You will enjoy a self-guided tour of this place in their headquarters. Some of the things you can do here are; sample their ice creams, make your ice cream, bag tea leaves on your own, as well as milk a mechanical cow. You will love the romantic sites in this place while kids can enjoy the tasty and messy fun.

    4. Visit the Lancaster Central Market

    This is another place you can visit in Pennsylvania for fun and learn more about foodstuff. Here, you will admire colorful vegetables and fruits. You will also love to listen to the wind chimes, smell the aroma of freshly baked bread, among other things. Being the oldest farmers market in PA, this is one of the coolest places to visit and the best feast for your senses.


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