Big Time Golf Gear Investments That Will Last a Long Time

    Getting started in golf can seem like a big commitment, mainly because there is so much equipment that you need to buy. It is not only the issue of what equipment you need to buy, which can be overwhelming. There is also a massive amount of different golf brands from which to choose. Golf equipment can be expensive, so the last thing you want to do is buy gear that isn’t suitable for you or spend a lot of money on overpriced, designer clubs and clothing.

    To help out all the Tiger Woods wannabes, here is our guide to big-time golf gear investments that will last a long time.

    1. Golf Bags

    The golf bag is an essential part of your golfing equipment because you are going to be carrying it around with you every time you play. This is the reason why you need a bag that is spacious and that you feel comfortable carrying. When choosing a golf bag, the main points to consider are similar to those you need to keep in mind when choosing any kind of bag. 

    Pick out your favorite style of golf bags (carry, stand, tour or travel), and then make sure that you can fit all of your clubs, balls, tees, and anything else that you need. It is good to have a bag with lots of dividers and pockets so you can separate your equipment for easy access. Comfortable straps are key because someone, whether you or your caddy, will have the bag on their shoulder for 18 holes. 

    2. A Cart for Your Equipment

    If you don’t have a caddy, or you don’t want to carry your equipment on your back all day, you will need to find another solution. Many golfers use golf push carts as an effective way to save their energy for their strokes. With that extra edge, you’ll have the ability to focus on your shots better and finish the round strong – which results in superior scores.

    When it comes to choosing a pushcart, numerous factors have to be taken into consideration – such as storage features, stability, the number of wheels, compactness, and different accessories and attachments like handles and umbrella holders. Make sure to examine which factors are important to you and then find out which choice of push cart suits you the best.

    3. Rangefinders (Distance Measuring Devices)

    A change of rules in golf has made the use of distance measuring devices legal on the course – unless the local rules make it clear that it is prohibited. This option was not available going back for ten years. Since then, their popularity with golfers has led to a rise in innovative and versatile products that have been designed to take the guesswork out of your distance measuring task and allow you to be more calculated and confident in your shots.

    From GPS units to rangefinders and even smartphone apps, there are so many opportunities for golfers to invest in technology, which can seriously transform your game. When shopping for a rangefinder, in order to make the best purchasing decision, you should be mindful about its range of flexibility when it comes to functions, the subscription fee that you may have to pay, and most importantly, whether it is allowed in the tournaments or course in which you are competing. Also, a golf launch monitor like Flightscope Mevo+ accurately measures ball flight and swing power, which could help you hone your game inside your home.

    4. Golf Wear

    Golf clothing is an essential part of the game’s decorum, so you have to dress to the occasion and follow the general etiquette set by the golfing governing bodies and the board at your golf club. Since different clubs and tournaments have different rules, it is difficult to figure out what is “correct” and what is not due to the fact that some of these etiquettes are unspoken. Therefore, you need to check the specific clothing rules of the golf club or the golf course that you will be visiting by getting in touch with them.

    Generally, collared shirts, long trousers, and golf shoes are required for men and women to keep a traditional sense of modesty. You may also want to bring with you a peaked cap and a couple of towels to keep things organized and comfortable for you on the course.

    Ultimately, the magnificent game of golf requires more than just physical and mental strength to be successful – and your journey should always start by acquiring the right tools for the sport. No matter what level of golfer you are, these golf gear investments are essential for a proper start in the game of kings – and once taken care of, they will be invaluable to you for years to come.


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