Siem Reap – The One Stop Destination for Culture & Adventure

    Siem Reap located in northwest Cambodia is a thriving tourist hub. The majestic Angkor Wat temple being an UNESCO world heritage site is the reason millions of tourists visit Siem Reap every year.

    Though the place serves as a home-base for those who want to explore temples, the town has sophisticated stays, fantastic restaurants and a busy nightlife. 

    Experience Vietnam and Cambodia in a single trip

    Those visiting Vietnam would get to see how strongly the place is influence by neighboring countries. If you are visiting Ho Chi Minh, it is good idea to pay a visit to the neighboring lands. A great way to cut down on the travel expenses is by using bus services from Ho Chi Minh to Siem Reap available from $26 rather than taking flights which cost approximately $120.

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    Travel requirements to Siem Reap

    A Cambodia Visa is required to enter Siem Reap which costs $30. You’ll be requested to submit your passport details for verification. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the entry date. There are ways to secure a Cambodia Visa online with an additional cost of $35. The extra bucks are totally worth it since it saves us a lot of time and efforts.

    Getting around Siem Reap

    Getting around the place is easy and the mode of transportation depends on the climate, your budget and the distance to be covered. You can either explore the place by foot, bicycles or tuk tuks. You can hire a cab for long journeys.

    The southern part of Siem reap is covered with rice fields and the northern part has dense forests. The Angkor temples are a major tourist attraction. Don’t restrict yourself to visiting temples alone. Siem Reap offers much more. 

    • Explore the lush forest setting
    • Visit the Land Mine museum
    • Take in the views of Angkor ruins from a hot air balloon 
    • Take an ATV tour and see their traditional stilted houses, paddies, monkeys and water buffalos
    • Go on dirt bike tours
    • Flying enthusiasts can try their hand at microlight flying


    Cambodia is warm and humid. Abundant rains are experienced during the monsoon season. The temple scenes are breath-taking during the rainy season with the grass being lush and green permitting great photography shots. It is recommended to avoid visiting during the close of monsoons, some roads are likely to be impassable.

    April sees the highest temperature and December and January are the coolest. The rainy season extends from May to October. November to February is the peak tourist season.

    Etiquette to follow

    In spite of the rise in tourism, the country is conservative and rooted in strong values and Buddhism. Though the native people understand your unfamiliarity with their culture, do your part in being respectful. Cover your shoulders with a shawl when you visit a Buddhist temple.


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