Party In Style: Luxury Stag Do Ideas

    If you want to party in style on your last night of singlehood, a luxury stag do is the only way to go. If money is no object and you want to go larger than ever, these suggestions are some of the best. Whether you’re looking for activities with the lads that are sure to blow any other ideas out of the water or fine dining to show a level of sophistication, a stag party can cater to the desires of many. Here are the best stag ideas you can enjoy.

    Travel in Luxury

    The first thing you need to consider is how you will travel. For a luxury start, why not get to your destination via private jet charter? It is one of the most convenient ways to fly, removing the busy queues and stressed travelers. Once you have arrived from your luxury flight, get in the limo waiting for you or a fast sports car. For a classy stag do, there is no other option viable.

    Throw the Dice in Las Vegas

    If you’re looking for a couple of nights of lights, dice, and action with your friends, then the Sin City would be a great place to go. Stags will find nothing lacking in Vegas when it comes to fun activities. Among the most popular Las Vegas activities are clubs, luxury hotels, shows, and, of course, gambling. A trip like this to Las Vegas is something you can do only once in a lifetime, so make it a weekend trip or even a week-long visit with the boys. Don’t forget to wear your stag t-shirts at a day party to look the part and let everyone know you’re having fun in Vegas.

    Spend a Weekend in Monaco

    Home of the toughest Grand Prix and one of the greatest casinos in the world, the Casino De Monte Carlo, Monaco is it if you’re looking for a sense of class on your stag party. There are very few better places to visit for the weekend than this small country. Dine out, hit up the best VIP clubs, and head to the track to catch a weekend of F1 racing. With the surroundings of the exotic supercars and natural beauty, you’ll get into the groove of showing you have luxury on your side.

    Sail Along the Med

    If you’re looking at something more international and relaxing, why not sail the seas and soak up the sun by chartering a boat on the Mediterranean? You can even stop off in ports to pick up friends along the way. There is no need to worry about anything other than having a good time, as these boats come fully staffed. You can spend whatever you want on renting luxury yachts, with the price increasing as the boat becomes more luxurious. 

    Fine Dining

    With all these outings and activities, you will surely need some fuel in the form of fine dining. Pub grub has its place in a trip like this, but to stay on the theme of your high-end experience you are surely going to want some gourmet dishes. You should always book your restaurant well in advance, as high-end places get booked quickly. You could skip all of this if you wanted to go a step further and hire your own chef to curate your own private dining experience.

    Book a 5-star Hotel

    The place you rest your head every night is very important on a stag do, and no luxury stag weekend is complete without a 5-star hotel. When you have chosen the hotel you want to stay at, consider a villa penthouse or suite, so you’ll feel and be on top of the world.

    Hire a Supercar

    Have you ever had a dream of owning your very own supercar? Well, the second best thing is renting one. You and the lads can hire the supercar of your dreams and make that dream a reality. Try a Lambo, Porsche, or even a Ferrari. Modern or classic, you’ll love nothing more than cruising around in the sun with the top down or heading to the track for the ultimate feeling of adrenaline.

    A Spectacular Stag

    There are countless ideas to be had on a luxury stag weekend, from where you rest your head each night to the activities you get up to through the days. One thing for sure is that a trip like this will be something you will remember for a lifetime. A luxury stag do is something that many people only look to have once in their lifetime, so make the first count.


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