Thriving in Every Sphere: 7 Proven Ways to Boost Your Wellbeing

    When discussing wellbeing and improving one’s life, we can easily fall into a trap and believe that it’s a hard and long road. That’s because our schedules are already fully booked, and we often find ourselves racing against the clock. This only leads to self-neglect and prioritising everything else except our wellbeing. We’ll show you that all it takes is a series of small but achievable steps to enrich your life and nurture your overall wellbeing.

    Practice discipline

    We often admire people who are fit and who look good. But, what we actually fail to see is the discipline. It’s because of discipline and habits that a person is fit. That’s why discipline is the ultimate form of self-love. The first step to better wellbeing is for a person to become disciplined. 

    Improve your morning routine

    Now, you don’t have to get up at five to improve your wellbeing. However, you should wake up, rise and shine with a purpose. First, monitor the thoughts you have upon waking up. Are they negative or positive? Second, start the day with an activity that sets the tone for a positive and focused day ahead. A short meditation, practising gratitude, and writing down the intentions for the day are just some of the things you can do to start your day on a positive note

    Move your body

    Physical exercise is always the solution. Feeling under the weather – hop on the elliptical to boost your serotonin levels. The work has been stressful lately – go to the gym and fight off stress with 20-minute HIIT exercise. 

    You’ve got all these ruminating thoughts weighing you down – redirect your thoughts with five series of sumo deadlifts. There’s a physical activity for every person – you just need to uncover the magic of a regular exercise routine and how it contributes to your overall wellbeing. 

    Nourish your body better

    Our wellbeing is directly linked to how we treat our bodies. We need to learn how to nourish our bodies by transforming our diet to serve and energise us. Balance is always the key, but learning how to eat better and incorporate nutrient-rich foods into your daily meals might be quite a journey. It’s also about decoding our relationship with our bodies to be conscious about how we’re fueling it. Sign up for one of the naturopathy courses and learn how a balanced diet can become your ally in the journey towards physical and mental wellness.

    Breakup with your phone

    This one might be the most difficult so far, yet the most rewarding. We all know that breaking the phone addiction in one try can be difficult. Even if you’re very decisive, you’ll break this decision fast. The key here is to set a daily timer and slowly reduce your social media habits and screen time. 

    Dedicate time for specific phone activities during the day, and try not to break the rules in between dedicated schedules. By breaking down with your phone, you’ll take over your time and make room for more rewarding daily activities. You’ll have more time to work on your wellbeing and activities that reward you, not just drain your time.

    Improve your sleep routine

    If you complete everything we’ve mentioned so far but fail to improve your sleep hygiene, you won’t get far. Sleep is essential for our health, energy levels, rejuvenation and wellbeing. Set up a clean, non-negotiable routine of going to bed at a time that allows you to get at least eight hours of sleep. If this means you need to improve your afternoon activities so you can sleep at the right time, so be it. Sleep is more than just rest; it’s a crucial pillar of wellbeing.

    Practice saying no as much as gratitude

    We’ve all heard that we need to practice gratitude often and agree that we easily lose sight of things that we should be grateful for. However, we all need to practice saying no as much as gratitude. If you don’t feel like seeing that friend, politely decline the invitation because you’re always drained afterwards. Saying no is a skill, but everyone can master it, even people pleasers. Whenever you say no, you feel better about yourself and your value and thus, your wellbeing improves.

    Lastly, don’t forget to spend more time in nature, as it has a healing effect on our nervous system, and you’ll get that much-needed sun exposure. remember, the path to a fulfilling life is paved with small, consistent efforts. Choose a few strategies that resonate with you, and watch how they’ll accelerate the path to better wellbeing.


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