Migrating to Australia: Guide for Expats

    Moving to another country is a very big undertaking, but one that’s worth all the effort. Australia seems to be very attractive to people from all over the world, and for all the right reasons. This country has a stable economy, good opportunities, beautiful nature and friendly people welcoming to foreigners. If you also want to move to Australia and start a new life there, here are a few things to know about the process: 

    Get a visa

    All people coming to Australia outside of the country have to have a valid visa before arriving in the country. Depending on your passport, your requirements, your stay and the purpose of your trip, there are various visas you can get. Check out the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection website to see which type of visa you need and how to apply for it. 

    Find a home

    Migrating is not the same as going on a longer trip. The latter allows you to stay in an Airbnb or rent an apartment short-term, but when you decide to move for good, you will need a permanent place to call home. The Australian real estate market is quite busy, but with a good real estate agent, you can find a perfect property to buy and call your own. Interesting places for ex-pats are Adelaide (if you’re a devoted foodie), Brisbane (if you’re into rural escapes), Canberra (suitable for families), Hobart (attractive for investors), Sydney (attractive for business people) and Perth (for those looking for a moderate climate). 

    Secure employment 

    Australia is not the most affordable place to live, so having a secure source of income is the key to most people. Before you move, do some research on job opportunities so you can achieve job security right after you move. No matter if you’re looking for a job or trying to do investing, you can find various sources on employment and investing. If you’re into real estate investing, just contact an experienced buyers agent in Brisbane and allow them to save you money, time and stress. A local partner who understands the property market and has years of experience in negotiation can be a great asset in property investing in a foreign country. 

    Make the move 

    Having everything organized for the move can be a bit overwhelming, but if you follow a checklist for moving, you can have all the bases covered. You can also book a migration agent or lawyer to help you with the moving procedure. There are some important things to consider when moving, and you can agent can help you with all of them. 

    Get your Tax File Number

    If you’re not yet ready to retire and want to continue working in Australia, it’s best if you ask for a Tax File Number (TNF). This number will serve as your personal reference number in the tax system of Australia. Getting a TNF is not compulsory but if you choose not to apply for it, you can expect to pay higher taxes while working. And there’s no reason not to apply because a TFN is free and easy (it can all be done online after you get your work visa). 

    Brush up on Australian laws and rules

    Australia is a pretty laid-back country—that’s why many love it—but there are certain rules of the country you have to respect as a new citizen. Firstly, if you’re a driver, make sure to be careful until you get used to driving on the left. Keep in mind to also keep left on sidewalks and stairs. Additionally, make sure to respect driving laws because fines in Australia are quite strict. The next tip is not a written rule but a useful recommendation: Wherever you go, put on sunscreen. Australia is a country with the highest rate of skin cancer, due to high UV radiation, so get used to slapping sunscreen all the time, especially in the summer. 

    Australia will very quickly become your new home. There’s not much to bother you in this ex-pat haven, so enjoy yourself to the max and appreciate your new life. 


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