Locked Out of Your Car? Here’s what to do next!

    So you got locked out of your car? There is a very slim chance of that occurring but today is your day. Some methods are less embarrassing than others to resolve this situation. However, it is most important to not lose the logical train of thought and follow the following tips to retrieve your car keys. 

    Staying calm

    The human mind is programmed to panic when it is in a tough situation. Panicking does not help anyone. Your brain may come up with unnecessary thoughts, so we need to stop the brain from spiraling. Take a few breaths and calm down. Overlooked panic search is embarrassing when you realize the car door is unlocked the entire time. The first thing you do is check the doors and rear hood of the car. 

    You can also assess if the window shields can be rolled down or improvised with a wire. A little opening in the windshields can help the wire penetrate inside. Mold the wire to make a hook at the end so you can maneuver it inside. The hook will collect the key left on the dashboard or the car seat. This does precision like a neurosurgeon.

    Spare keys

    Before you think, think hard about where the spare key is located. When you purchase a car, ask the dealership to make duplicates. This helps you avoid embarrassing situations. It is wise to stay prepared. You can also ask the dealership to provide a temporary key to unlock the car door. This is rare as modern cars come with programmed keys with lasered coding.

    If none of these options pan out, simply ask your friend or a family member for a lift to the car dealership. You may need to establish your authority with car information before receiving a replacement key. If you need a Locksmith in Denver or anywhere in Colorado you can always call Speedy Locksmith.

    Locked Out Car

    Roadside assistance insurance

    At the time you are purchasing the car, ask the dealership if they have roadside assistance. Some insurance providers provide roadside assistance but make sure by communicating with the insurance agent. Most roadside assistance policies are not active until you pay a premium.

    In case your insurance provider does not provide this service, save the roadside assistance number to be on the same side. You can even snap a picture of your insurance card and email it to yourself. This will prove extremely handy when you are asked to provide your credentials. Keep the original card or its copy in your wallet. Have a backup for your backup.


    Car towing companies carry professional tools to break into your car. In some rare emergency cases, the person does not have time to wait for assistance to provide.  At that time, you would need to improvise.

    Car tow company uses a pump wedge to open the doors. You can use the blood pressure cuff to inflate the distance. It can withstand pressure without ripping the cuff or breaking the windshield. Many have blood pressure monitoring devices at home now. After the cuff has inflated, use a hanger or a longer wire to fit through the gap and reach keys.


    There are very helpful key takeaways in the article. Firstly, always have a spare key at your home or office. Ask the dealership or auto mechanic to make you one. You can also call for roadside assistance or improvise if you have to get somewhere. Or you can wear your key on a keychain or have two replacement keys made to avoid this situation.


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