Things to Know to Become a Great Office Manager

    Every office manager has a ton of work every day—and tasks just keep on coming. You need to not only keep the office working like a well-oiled machine, but also keep track of staff movement, travel, goals, expectations and much more. Aspiring to be a great office manager involves not just managing tasks efficiently but also ensuring the business operates smoothly on all fronts, including its legal foundation. For those looking to solidify their entrepreneurial ventures, consulting the best llc service can provide invaluable support and guidance on establishing a legally sound business structure. So how do you perfect your office management craft? Here’s what you need to know to become a great office manager: 

    Analyze the office

    This just might be the hardest obstacle to maser, but it’s the most beneficial one—it can completely transform the way your office functions. Start your analysis by looking at every aspect of the environment on its own, from breaks and meetings to technology and travel. Then, see what can be improved to boost efficiency and reduce costs. Are there too many teams for one project? Are there meetings that could have been emails? Are lunch breaks happening at an inconvenient time? Notice the issue, implement the change and watch as your office become more productive and better organized. 

    Learn Excel

    You are most likely responsible for storage and data entry, administrative support, accounting, data analysis, reporting and forecasting. This list of tasks doesn’t end there, unfortunately. But, if you learn how to properly use Excel, you will have an assistant that will never fail you. Having only a basic knowledge of this program won’t do you much good—you need to become a pro. Book Excel classes and learn how to make the most of this tool to make your work much easier. 

    Employ tech

    Tech can be a real lifesaver for office managers. No matter if you’re tracking attendance and time or planning team building days, you will always have something to manage—there are no easy days for office managers. But, you can employ the best time and attendance software to keep track of employees, manage the teams’ hours, create good shifts and reduce costs. You will get full team visibility for ultimate tracking and management. These programs also keep records, eliminate errors and allow you to focus on important tasks that really need your attention. 

    Improve your travel management skills

    Most companies can’t afford expensive corporate travel agents, you the task of travel organization falls into the office manager’s lap. Make sure to practice using travel management software and your senior partners will certainly be impressed by your budgeting skills and time efficiency. If you choose the right software, you’ll get a fully digitalized travel policy and automate spending and travel elements. 

    Establish easy communication

    Communication is one of the most important parts of office efficiency, but it’s also a hard task to solve for office managers. You need to establish an easy way co-workers and senior staff can reach you—usually via email, private chat on Slack or face-to-face at your desk. At a meeting, make sure that everyone knows how to reach you and each other during the workday. Sure, you won’t be able to get to everyone at the same time, but if you ensure your process is simple, it will encourage better communication that will definitely improve the atmosphere at the office. 

    Keep your own workspace organized

    If you want to keep your co-workers organized, you need to lead by example and have a tidy and practical workstation. Wrangle all your office supplies and sort them properly. This way, you won’t have to waste time searching for lost documents or staplers.  This goes for your computer and email as well—sort your folders and documents, delete old emails and prioritize current tasks. 

    If you follow these tips, you’ll become a great office manager. Your efforts won’t go unnoticed and your colleagues will appreciate you, your executives value you and you and your business will reap plenty of success. 


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