How To Plan A Surprise Trip For Your Partner

    Traveling is simply amazing because it gives partners the opportunity to connect away from their normal environment. It is a secret romantic tonic which brings priceless experiences and can really reaffirm or strengthen a bond. If you are fortunate enough to travel as a couple – to explore new places, try new cuisines, and experience new things together- every trip can be a potentially life-changing experience. 

    Whether you are planning a long surprise vacation or a weekend trip, getting away with your partner can give you time to reconnect, reawaken your senses, and create life-lasting memories together. 

    Here is a step-by-step guide on how to plan your surprise trip to treat your partner. 

    1. Schedule Properly

    This is probably the most crucial factor that contributes to the success of your surprise trip. You will of course need to coordinate with your own boss in advance, especially when you are planning a trip that is longer than just a weekend, but the tricky part is to work around your partner’s schedule. If you know they have some time off coming up, then you can pick those days. Try to check their agenda to see if they have an event or if those days fall on the busiest week of the month. If your partner’s schedule is unpredictable, let them choose the dates themselves, but use a different excuse. Timing is tough, but a weekend getaway is usually the safest plan. 

    2. Pick the Perfect Location 

    Whether you whisk your partner away for a weekend city break to take in a show and go out for a fancy dinner, or you book a little cottage where you are the only two people for miles around, make sure you choose a destination that your partner will absolutely love. The experts at this website explain that if you know exactly where your significant other wants to go because they have been dropping less than subtle hints, choosing the right location can be easy. If they haven’t mentioned a dream location, just pick a place which you know both of you will enjoy. It doesn’t matter if it is a relaxing vacation or a crazy adventure; leaving your zip code is all that matters. 

    3. Scope out the Best Activities and Restaurants

    Depending on your travel style, you can pack full days of activities or leave them open for a lot of relaxation and cuddle time. It could be a guided tour, a massage, or history experience; but be sure to leave some downtime for watching sunsets, strolling arm-in-arm, and plenty of conversation. At the end of the day, reconnecting and re-explore your love is what this trip is all about. Picking out restaurants is also a crucial part of your partner is a foodie. It is important to make sure you don’t charge the booking on your shared credit card, which will leak your surprise. Instead, purchase prepaid credit gift cards to get around this problem.

    4. Pack Your Bags

    Packing your bags without your partner noticing can be tricky, but not impossible. To make sure you do not forget anything, make a packing list before getting started. Take advantage of the time when your partner heads out to work, or get their friends on board to get them out of the house for a little while. To cover your bases, make sure you do this a day or two before you head off on your trip. There is a chance that they will discover a few pieces of their clothing are missing, but just practice your confused face in the mirror and you should get away with it. 

    5. Decide on the Reveal

    You can slowly reveal clues during the week leading up to the trip, or you can wait until the last second to surprise your partner. If you want to surprise them once you get to the airport, you can use an excuse to go there and only reveal the trip once you get to the gate. To make it more likely that you will be successful, you can get help from your family and friends. Another option is to tell your partner an hour or so before it is the time for your trip so that they can pack their own bag.

    Planning a vacation for your partner takes a lot of preparation, from picking a destination, choosing a departure day, a means of transportation, and many other things. And it’s even more difficult when you are planning a surprise trip, because you may think that you have to figure out all these factors on your own. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Just follow these tips and you will be able to plan the best trip ever!

    Bon Voyage!


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