What Must Men do to Manage Stress for Healthy and Radiant Skin

    Amidst a plethora of articles about effective beauty regimes and skincare routines, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. How do you know which routine to go for, and how can vouch for a regime that will suit your skin? 

    People have different types of skin and what works well for one person does not have to necessarily work well for the other. 

    And skincare becomes all the more of a task when it is men that we are talking about. Men find themselves rummaging through that perfect skincare product, end up trying different brands, and inflict their skin with more harm than good. 

    Amidst all these brands and routines that one thinks would work miraculously for the skin, there is one crucial aspect that they leave out. 

    Our lifestyle affects our skin and hair and that is perhaps the ultimate truth. 

    No matter how many brands of face cream you switch in between, if you do not have the required discipline in your life, and are a mess while managing your stress, there is not much that you can do about your skin. 

    Why Is Skincare Essential for Men?

    Since ages, skincare for men has been a concept brushed under the rugs. Taking care of the skin was attributed to females. 

    However, nothing can be farther from this. Men need a rigorous skincare routine as much as men. 

    They need to groom their precious beard, find products that keep the lustre and the quality in place. 

    Plus, with the kind of work hustle that men go through every day, just like women, stress can cause breakouts on their skin. 

    And thus, their stress needs to be managed. They must know all about how stress affects their skin and manage the same effectively. 

    What we are going to be looking at in this article is how stress affects the skin and the measures that men can take to manage the same for healthy and radiant skin. 

    Stress Makes It Harder On Your Skin:

    The cortisol that is released by your body when you find yourself in a stressful situation can arm you with the fight or flight faculty in the particular situation, but it can also give you fine lines and breakouts on your skin. 

    It has been studied over time and a safe conclusion has been reached at about the impact of hormonal changes on your skin. 

    Therefore, the next time you wonder why your skin looks dull and have acne or hives, entertain the possibility that it might all be because of the amount of stress that you have to battle every day. 

    Sun Stress is a Thing:

    Not many people acknowledge the phenomenon of sun stress but it is very much a thing. Ultraviolet Radiation can stress your skin out and weaken the muscles as well as the defense mechanism of your skin. 

    And that is probably why it is advised to wear a sunscreen with optimal SPF level whenever you step outside into the sun. 

    Exposure to the sun has amazing health and skin benefits. But too much of the same can cause the blood cells of your body to rush to the spot exposed directly to the sun, and this causes more than just sunburns. 

    You think that only women use sunscreens? You might want to change your opinions about that now!

    Ways to Manage Your Stress:

    We have spoken at length about two of the most important factors that contribute to causing stress and affecting the skin. 

    We shall now look into the ways that you can manage the same stress and enjoy healthy and glowing skin. 

    Exercise, Proper Diet, Sleep

    The best way to manage your internal stress is to live a disciplined life. And this constitutes but is not limited to eating and drinking well. You need to have a good night’s sleep, drink plenty of water and reduce coming in contact with the factors that are known to trigger your stress. 

    Taking supplements such as Vitamin D, Zinc, Magnesium from known and trusted brands such as RnA ReSet can also be helpful as vitamin deficiency can severely affect the stress level. 

    There are situations where you cannot escape activating your stress hormones. But make sure that you do not let your stress go off the charts. 

    Meditate every day for some time, if necessary, eat well and go out for runs. You will witness a massive change in the health of your skin. You could keep your video games and beer pong parties for the weekend. Get enough sleep through the week and eat well. 

    Play Some Games or Indulge in Gardening

    Another way to battle your stress and anxiety, according to the report by this site, is to indulge in some fun activities like playing some games to your liking. 

    And the entire mankind must be exploding with excitement at this suggestion. 

    Men love gaming, and it has now been seen that gaming reduces stress. And this in turn shall improve your skin. 

    Managing stress is all about doing the things that you love. And if you needed any more ideas to beat stress, try indulging in some gardening. Greenery alleviates several mental health issues. 

    And while it is not a substitute for therapy and medical intervention, if you see that gardening is helping you manage your stress better, you must go for the same. 

    Here again, most people have associated gardening to be something that only women enjoy. This is a myth and must be busted at once. 

    Wear a Sunscreen and Use Natural Oils

    The final thing that we would like to enlist here to manage your stress is the use of sunscreen and some natural oils to help you strengthen your skin’s defence the harmful UV rays.

    Sunscreens are rich in SPF which acts as a protective shield against these rays and absorbs only the elements of the sun’s rays that are good for the skin. 

    You can also go for cold-pressed virgin coconut oil as a substitute for sunscreen. Some of these oils work like wonders on the skin and keeps it supple and glowing. 

    However, they might be quite heavy on your skin and might not be a practical solution for daily use. In that case, you can always have sunscreens to your rescue. 

    Do not entertain the idea that this routine works only for women. Essential oils, like the ones sold by Kumi Oils, improve the skin of men and women alike. 

    Plus, if the men in the house want to tend to the shine of their beard, using these oils is a great idea. 


    Battling stress has become an integral factor in our lives. There are enough triggers in our lives that can set off our stress hormones and put our health in jeopardy. 

    And that further impacts the health of our skin and hair. However, we also have enough ways to manage the same and live a healthy life. 

    The aforementioned points can help you get your stress levels in control and keep your skin radiant. 

    No matter how many brands you try, it is important to remember that you must change your lifestyle if you are to manage your stress better and keep your skin healthy. 

    Stress works the same way for men as for women. Therefore, the points that we have mentioned here must be catered to, if men want to keep their skin and beard happy and healthy. 


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