How To Be Vacation Ready In 4 Days

    In actuality our hearts are always ready for a vacation! The very thought of having no schedules and deadlines, not having to wake up at a particular time, getting to explore different cultures, sightseeing and what not could bring a wide smile to anybody. One reminisces and yearns for such experiences and rightly so. Right now the news channels say that Coronavirus is in charge but that does not mean that we should stop planning for the future. 

    Day 1

    Preparing a shopping list is a crucial step when it comes to travel plans. One would like to enjoy the non spontaneity of a vacation than go to a shop and buy anything. Also it is not necessary that the essentials you want to buy will be available at the place you visit.

    So in order to avoid a crisis a well prepared shopping list goes a long way.

    Decide what kind of suitcase you’ll need for the vacation. If you are traveling with your family, consider the size of the suitcases. Bigger suitcases can hold more items, but they can also be more difficult to transport. That’s why you should opt for big-size suitcases that are extra lightweight and yet have the maximum capacity. Smaller suitcases may be more manageable, but you may need to pack more carefully to fit everything in. Ultimately, the best piece of luggage for your family trip is the one that meets your specific needs and preferences.

    Start packing. Starting to pack early also means you are going to save yourself from forgetting stuff. Gives a traveler a lot of time to think and choose the most essential items to be carried in the travel luggage.

    Go for a medical consultation that is important. If you are travelling with a newborn, or an adult with a medical problem should go for consultation as early as possible. Appointments like these should not be left for last.

    Day 2

     If you have a baby and are not planning to take them with you for the vacation, now is the time to confirm a babysitter. In most cases an aunt or a grandparent is trusted with the job of babysitting for longer periods of time. Confirming their consent should be a top priority for any parent at the right time to avoid last minute glitches.

    Similarly leaving a pet unattended is also not a good idea. Assigning a pet sitter in time should be a top priority. Making arrangements for the pet like buying food and a blanket for it beforehand will save a lot of last minute hassle.

    Check on your packing essentials. Start to look for clothes that you want to use for the vacation. If you have all the clothes and  footwear with you, clean them and keep them ready for packing, if not  buy them immediately.

    Day 3

    Check your house windows and doors. If any are damaged, they need to be repaired before you leave. A damaged window or door is an invitation to robbery and unnecessary stress.

    One needs to be carefree on a vacation. This being said checking your electric circuits and water supply before you leave is essential. Mainly for two reasons, one is that you don’t want any mishaps to happen when you are not at home and two is that after a beautiful vacation it would be a torture to return to a  home to do repairs.

    Go on adding necessary and listed stuff to your packing bags. A stitch in time saves nine!

    Day 4 (Last Day)

    The last day should be dedicated to checking whether all necessary stuff has been packed or not.

    An first aid emergency kit needs to be prepared for the trip, this should included any doctor’s prescriptions. Some medications are not allowed into certain countries without the recommendations of a medical practitioner.

    Check for sharp objects like a pocket knife, or any liquid that could be inflammable. Items like these will not be allowed through security.

    Charging cords of various electronic items should be added. If necessary rechecked before leaving for all electronic devices will be rendered useless if a single charger is left behind.

    Check for the necessary travel documents. Take a last look around and have a nice enjoyable trip.


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