Checklist: What You Need To Do In The Summer Of 2022

    Summer is believed to be a separate life, short, but very intense. And even if you don’t have the opportunity to go on a long journey, you can create many unforgettable events, explore all the unusual places nearby, spend sunny days in great company and soak up summer aromas and air through.

    We have compiled a list of activities that will not let you get bored this summer.

    Go on a trip by car

    Collect a few things, turn on your favorite music, rent a car and drive with the breeze on country roads, small dirt roads – what could be better? Various car rental services can offer you hire options you like, for example Mercedes E Class for rent in Dubai.

    If you are not keen on the idea of renting a car and moreover you don’t like driving for long distances on your own, you can try to join a group on a bus tour or a jeep tour. You will take a ride along the most beautiful routes of the region and enjoy the breathtaking view from the window.

    Have a picnic

    Food in nature is always tastier, so unpack your picnic kits, grab blankets and sandwiches and go to the nearest green corner. You can go to the lake, walk to a picturesque clearing in the forest or go to the nearest park. Or maybe there are mountains nearby?

    And if this is not enough for you, you can plan a trip to a gastronomic tour. You will eat and drink delicious wine against the backdrop of majestic mountains and ancient castles.

    Have trainings outdoors

    For many people, the outdoor training season lasts all year round. Running in the cold, training in parks and on sports grounds is an occupation for the hardened. If you are not like that, then you can practice it since May. Calm, clean and cool lake water is what you need on hot days. You can try sup-surfing, wakeboarding. If you do not have a lake nearby, enjoy yoga on the roof.

    Meet the sunrise or sunset in a beautiful place

    Sunsets and sunrises are one of the most accessible earthly pleasures. During the summer, you can have time to make your own rating of places to observe the movement of the sun. Perhaps, doing this in the mountains will be the most amazing. The nature is fantastic at any time of the day, but the mountains golden from sunlight, shining waterfalls and turquoise mountain rivers will dream of you for a long time.

    The first thing you need to do to meet the dawn is a great desire to see how the sun wakes up and a new day begins. Without this desire, nothing will work. And not to forget to set an alarm clock!

    Hiking in the mountains

    Active recreation is always a good idea. It unloads the head, strengthens the muscles and brings you as close to nature as possible. Blue lakes, mountain springs, blooming meadows and good company are just a dream.

    Hiking is a short walk or a weekend hike, and necessarily along a marked and well-prepared route. It is impossible to get lost or get lost from such a route. Currently, this is one of the most democratic types of tourism. Hiking varies in duration, from several hours to several days. You can walk on different terrain – flat, hilly or mountainous.

    Eat enough fruits and berries

    Summer is the season of health. We not only recharge with cheerfulness and good mood for the whole year, but also stock up on vitamins, minerals and trace elements. And berries and fruits help us in this, the appearance of which we are looking forward to with great impatience. Strawberries from the market, currants from the garden, ringing watermelon – everyone has their favorites.

    Life is beautiful and amazing, and summer will once again help you understand this. Live in every day and in every moment, do not wait and do not exist, relying on plans for the future. All the most interesting things are already happening — here and now.


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