Micro-pigmentation comprehensive guide: Advantages, Procedure, and More

    Scalp Micropigmentation, is a solution for baldness that is suitable for a wide range of circumstances. It is a choice a lot of men and women go for when other treatments for hair loss fail.  

    Also, unlike alternate approaches to managing baldness, Scalp Micropigmentation proves to be 100 percent successful. That is because it is a corrective tattoo which makes it seem as if you just got a new buzz cut.

    This article examines what a scalp micropigmentation is all about and the best technics used to carry out this procedure.

    What is Scalp Micro-pigmentation?

    You definitely will be familiar with microblading for full brows. There is a similar practice done for the scalp. The process is called scalp micropigmentation. The technique makes the impression of fuller hair.

    So what’s the difference between the microblading for brows and the scalp micropigmentation? Both of them are under micropigmentation. However, they differ in the technique of embedding pigment. 

    While microblading is often completed with a manual razor, micropigmentation is performed utilizing an electric tattoo gadget. 

    So how does scalp micropigmentation work? The objective of SMP is not to create hairlike lines just like you would with microblading eyebrows, rather, it’s to utilize little, layered specks in various tints of dark to recreate the appearance of a shadow on the scalp. This style, called pointillism, is done to create natural profundity and definition.

    A gifted professional will attempt to guarantee that the specks resemble a real hair follicle and are well blended with your complexion.

    The procedure is beneficial for individuals who experience all types of balding. It incorporates people with alopecia, male and female pattern baldness, cancer, and thinning hair.

    Who is Qualified for a Scalp Micropigmentation Repair?

    If you have a horrible scalp micropigmentation, you are the ideal candidate for a scalp micropigmentation repair procedure. Maybe you made an error by going to the wrong company or some boondocks tattooist who does not know how the treatment works and got yourself a terrible SMP. The most likely cause is that you don’t have enough information. 

    Furthermore, the SMP is also for those with scars resulting from hair transplants. Sure, the scar from a hair transplant is unavoidable. It implies that you need a Scalp Micropigmentation repair treatment to help you recover faster.  Get your information right to save you from more damages. 

    Steps to avoid poorly done Scalp Micropigmentation

    There are several reasons why a scalp micro pigmentation procedure could go wrong. Even though its advantages are immense, you still need to be aware of the possible reasons why the SMP may not go as planned. Below are three reasons.

    1. Verify puncture sizes and the right tools

    Satisfactory scalp micropigmentation must be done correctly. It includes conveying appropriate little, follicular units into the dermis with well-sized electronic requirements such that the impression that will be created resembles a solitary hair follicle. On the off chance that the measures of these follicular units are off-base, the SMP is more likely to become bungled. Adequately applied scalp micropigmentation ought to be imperceptible from natural hair strands.

    2. Bungled pigment

    When scalp or head tattoos are not well applied they will often become blue or green. The shade deployed has not been designed for the particular scalp or has no enhancement for colorfastness. Accordingly, as a patient you need to be essentially reasonable and request for previous results of the suggested pigment before you invest in the process. 

    You want to know whether the color has a natural look. Moreover, you also need to check for unedited photographs. If possible, you may converse with a previous client.

    Regardless of whether the shade looks normal, it can fade into blue or green. If not, it is not meant for the scalp.

    3. Untrained technicians

    SMP could become regrettable if the technician in charge is incompetent for lack of adequate training.

    As a rule, the profundity of expertise of scalp micropigmentation that every professional must have had various applications predicated on shape, ethnicity, and gender. 

    An incredible clinic ought to have allowed their professionals to go through different procedures and training on the SMP. These will prepare them in delivering better services. What’s more, ask a series of key questions before you pick a technician to work with. 

    Techniques for Scalp Micropigmentation Removal

    While certain subjects are content with the outcomes of SMP from the beginning, they can also decide to remove the tattoo later for different reasons. Below are three methods for SMP removal.

    1. The saline scalp micropigmentation removal method

    More so, the permanent cosmetics professionals have become standard to this procedure. For this system, saltwater and tattoo machines are often used. 

    Despite this, there are differently laid out procedures, each with its particulars and positive benefit. 

    For recognizable proof, there is no definitive proof that a saline removal technique can be utilized to take off scalp ink.

    Although the technique has numerous applications in long-lasting cosmetics, and it is typically a reasonable option, the size of the removal often makes it unappealing for removing saline.

    2. The laser SMP removal method

    In this removal technique, high-energy lasers are often used to puncture the skin to remove the tattoo. Not to mention, this action will permanently eliminate the ink shreds utilized within the cells that execute the epidermal image tone.  

    The strategy for blurring micropigmentation requires some skills. Again, it can take between three and ten sittings, depending on various factors. Also, the type of tattoo ink and the properties of the individual and the tattoo, different sorts of lasers should be expected during the removal procedure. 

    Today, laser tattoo removal has become more sought after because of its upgraded viability and decreased chance of side effects.


    The advantages of the SMP are more than its disadvantages. With a competent technician and applying the right pigment, you shouldn’t have anything to regret using the scalp micropigmentation. Finally, the severity of a micropigmentation is determined by the expertise of the technician.


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