How to Pick the Perfect Festival Shirt

    Looking for the perfect festival shirt to match your style? Want something that will stand out amongst the crowd? This guide is perfect for you.

    Picking the perfect festival shirt is a key factor for how people see you at the festival. Whether you are opting for something lightweight for Burning Man or colourful for Coachella, material, style and the brand are the things you need to consider.

    Herein is all you need to choose and get a good festival male shirt and where you can find the latest cutting edge styles.

    Factors To Consider When Buying A Festival Shirt

    There are so many factors that you must consider for a festival shirt. These range from factors that ensure the aesthetics are taken care of to those that ensure you feel comfortable during your time on the road. We will highlight them here and suggest the best shop for getting exactly what you need for a festival shirt.


    Festivals come at specified times, you know when they will happen so picking something for the weather should be easy enough. Even with the most complex simulation and forecast, you still can’t rely on the meteorological department for accurate weather predictions so pick something that will keep you comfortable in all weather types.

    You will be dancing and moving around so make sure you get a shirt that isn’t too tight on you, we don’t want you to rip your shirt so always opt for a size up just in case. Loose clothing might not accentuate your bulging biceps but it’s more practical for the activities that you’ll be doing.


    One thing about a good festival shirt is that it should be able to get rid of moisture from your body without getting damp. You may sweat or getting drizzled on. You need to avoid a shirt that clings to your body and becomes so heavy after absorbing moisture in its fabric.

    The best material for a festival shirt is that which meets all the factors highlighted above. There is only one material that can offer all the above mentioned factors; cotton.

    As a natural fibre, cotton is surely at the centre of every prolific textile industry player. When used to make festival shirts, it will offer insulation to you against cold or warmth. It is also able to absorb moisture without dampening. Another boon of cotton is that it can stretch which offers you comfort too.

    It is worth noting that cotton is light. Thus, your shirt will not get heavy and cold when you get wet. No sweating at all and the smell of your cologne stays all day.

    Many manufacturers sell shirts that are partly cotton and partly made of synthetic fibre. The best place to shop is where you get 100% cotton. There are a number of such places but my trust is with Frangipani. Shopping at guarantees you a shirt that meets all the aforementioned qualities and 100% cotton.


    It is worth noting that a festival shirt should be lightweight. Dragging a heavy shirt all day long is surely a gruelling task. It might even impact on your moods and reduce your vibrance. Moreover, it is likely that a heavy shirt is warm and not every festival is on winter. Sweating during a festival may steal the magic of your cologne too.

    Insulation is also key to a comfortable festival shirt. During the summer, the shirt should be able to protect you against sweltering sun rays. It should do the converse in winter, protecting the heat in you from being absorbed by the environment.

    It may seem almost impossible for a shirt to do all that but yeah, it is possible. There are already existing ones in the market including iKat, Flamin’ Go Go and Derailed.


    A good festival shirt is the one that makes you the centre of focus, yet does not keep on shouting about it. Thus, it should have intricate color patterns, with some shouting to give it a glamour.

    bearded man at festival

    The design is also key. Short sleeved shirts are no better than long sleeves ones for festivals, it all depends on your personal preference. It’s worth noting that everyone has their own fashion about style, be unique and choose the length that you usually go for.

    Places You Can Buy Festival Shirts

    Almost every online and high-street retailer has a shirt that can get you thinking of wearing it during the next festival. We often hear of people visiting their local op shop for a snazzy number (usually from the women’s section).

    However, not all these sellers know what quality they should offer. The best place to buy is on the online stores, just make sure that you check their size charts as they often differ.


    We have done our festival shirt research and found Frangipani shirts to be undeniably the best currently for festivals. We have seen people really get overwhelmed by the quality when they bought shirts from this global online store. The design and material aim at offering unique designs and class at any type of festival. Designed in London. Worn all over the world/Celebrity following, popular with DJs/Your wardrobe is about to get a lot more colourful with a Frangipani shirt. With offerings in pinks, blues and sharp printed patterns, every item in their collection will add vibrancy to your festival look.

    Designed in London. Worn all over the world/Celebrity following, popular with DJs/Your wardrobe is about to get a lot more colourful with a Frangipani shirt. With offerings in pinks, blues and sharp printed patterns, every item in their collection will add vibrancy to your festival look.

    Here are 5 of our favourite designs from them:

    1. Play on Birds

    man wearing frangipani style festival shirt

    2. iKat

    man wearing frangipani style festival shirt

    3. Making Waves

    man wearing frangipani style shirt

    4. Number One Fan

    man wearing frangipani style festival shirt

    5. Flamin’ Go Go

    man wearing frangipani style festival shirt

    Order one online at and get quality together with speedy delivery. Plus, spend a £100 or more to get free worldwide shipping and a free beach bag.

    You need to choose the best festival shirt to look not just classy but keeping strides with fashion. This article has given you ideas on what to consider and where to get the best.


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