5 Best Travel Spots to Find Inspiration for Writers

    Whenever you sit down to read your all-time-favorite writer and explore the faraway lands and unforgettable places, know that this is inspired by some spot, some location. Writers might not copy an actual place in their books, but they get inspired by it, that’s for sure. With so many beautiful places around the world, we get unlimited chances to get inspired. The best stories are created as a result of it, which is why many writers report that their masterpieces are a result of a travel or a visit to an inspirational place. 

    If you haven’t found your place yet, you might want to consider the 5 best travel spots for writers below. 

    1. Prague, Czech Republic

    With its amazing beauty, cozy locations, and unforgettable architecture, Prague has attracted many great writers in its midst. It’s currently the setting for a myriad of great novels such as the Prague Tales and the Unbearable Lightness of Being. Some of the people who used this literary hub to create and develop were Milan Kundera and Franz Kafka. 


    Once in Prague, you should definitely visit some of its bookstores. In Europe, this country has the highest concentrations of them, including bookstores like Shakespeare and Sons, the café and bookstore called Globe, etc. This UNESCO site is also the home of one of the most famous literary figures in the world, Franz Kafka, as well as the location of the same-named museum. 

    If you plan your visit during festivals, you can attend the Deti Crete festival for children’s literature and the popular Prague Writers’ Festivals. 

    2. Columbia, Missouri

    Columbia is the setting for many great masterpieces, including the Missouri Review or the Stoner by John Williams. According to one of the top Australian writers of a really popular writing service, Edubirdie located in Australia, where many students can ask for help if they are lack of time with essays or assignments, this place is bound to make every writer feel magical once they step foot there.

    He highly recommends that Unbound Book Festival, one of the best festivals for writers worldwide. If you plan to visit the area, make sure to attend this amazing event, as well as seek for literary treasure in their great bookshops such as Village Books and the Yellow Dog Bookshop. 

    If you have a day to spare while you’re there, travel for approximately 100 miles northeast from this area. This will get you to Hannibal, the childhood home of Mark Twain and the place where you can find the Mark Twain Museum and the Huckleberry Finn House. 

    3. Tangier, Morocco

    Did you know that Paul Bowles, the author of The Sheltering Sky lived and wrote his amazing novel in Morocco? Tangier is an amazing place to visit, a gem discovered by the Beat generation. To be more, William Burroughs wrote his novel Naked Lunch in Morocco too, making this blue and white city an even more attractive literary spot for writers worldwide. 


    According to writers, there’s an excellent vibe and probably some writing muses in the popular Café Hafa there, which makes it one of the most visited places by writers from all around the world. 

    4. Massachusetts

    Starting from Amherst to Concord to Lenox, Massachusetts is filled with literary history. There’s no particular reason for it, but it seems as most of the great writers of the US used this place as their source of inspiration. Featuring great open spaces and natural beauties, Massachusetts has inspired quite the literary work. 

    The two houses now known as the Emily Dickinson Museum are set on three acres of beauty and have inspired this amazing author in creating much of her work. In the Amherst College taught Robert Frost and the main library has his name now. Not to mention, you’ll get the chance to visit the place where Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women, located in Concord. 

    5. Edinburgh, Scotland

    Who doesn’t love J.K. Rowling, really? Well, before she cast her magic onto us, she spent most of her time writing Harry Potter in the café called The Elephant House in Edinburgh, Scotland. If you go there, make sure to look for the sign in the window that proudly presents this café as the novel birthplace of the popular wizard. 

    Edinburgh is the birthplace of many other novels and the favorite writing spots for writers such as Irvine Welsh, Muriel Spark, and Robern Burns. If you visit it in August, you might even get to attend the popular Edinburgh International Book Festival – one of the best literary festivals in the world! 

    Have you been to any of these places? If you haven’t, make sure to put them on your travel list as soon as possible! Finally if you are looking for a more romantic holiday check out our other blog here!

    Author’s Bio

    Emma Rundle is a poet and a novel writer. As strange as it sounds for a writer to pick both, Rundle says that she simply couldn’t pick a favorite. She has many published novels nowadays, and her poems can be found all across the web. 


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