4 Things To Enjoy During Winter

    Winter is the coldest season of the year and occurs between autumn and spring. It comes with freezing temperatures, cold weather, and plunging rain or snow in both middle and high latitudes. Regardless, its effects may vary depending on the area’s geographical location. For instance, in equatorial regions, temperatures may nearly be the same throughout the season. 

    Winter Activities

    During winter, it can be challenging to come up with enjoyable activities because of the freezing cold.  Nonetheless, winter offers great and unique opportunities that aren’t available during the other seasons of the year.  Doing some of these activities with your loved ones will allow you to have fun and bond. 

    Despite the cold, below are some activities you can enjoy during the winter season. 

    1. Drinking Mulled Wine

    Preparing and brewing up a warm batch of seasonal drinks is an excellent way to relish the cold weather and stay warm at home. If you’re running out of date ideas with your partner or simply want to lounge around the living room while watching a movie, you may prepare your delectable holiday spiced wine

    Mulled wine, also known as spiced wine, is a traditional winter beverage usually made with a concoction of fruity, dry red wine along with the infusion of various herbs, spices, and sometimes raisins. It is a popular, go-to drink that’s served warm and enjoyed by a lot of people typically in the cold months.

    Depending on the region or the local ingredients available, the recipe of mulled wines may differ. However, it usually includes cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, anise, cloves, vanilla, and even lemon rinds. You simply throw in all the ingredients and heat them in the pan then add two tablespoons of sugar or to your liking. You leave it on for approximately 15-20 minutes. Then, your mulled wine is ready to be poured in a glass or mug of your choice.

    enjoy winter

    2. Going Sledding

    After heavy snow, try to see if there’s a hill within your neighborhood. If there is, lucky you! You may spend an hour or so sledding with your family. If you have furry friends at home, you may also allow them to join in the fun. Just remember to let them wear proper winter gear to avoid frostbite. 

    In some areas of the world, people refer to sledding as ‘sledging’ or ‘tobogganing.’ This is a common winter pastime for many. Moreover, sledding is the basis of some Olympic sports and activities such as bobsledding and luge. 

    Sledding is a popular pastime for a lot of people, especially children. It encourages them to go out and play outdoors rather than spend their time in front of their mobile screens. It also encourages families to go outside and breathe in some fresh air. 

    Apart from sailing down the snowy hill, hiking up and down to go for another round is a great form of exercise. Sledding is a great way to have fun while burning some calories. You’ll end up having a fun day filled with laughs and memories. 

    Furthermore, you may also try to catch snowflakes, lie down, and make snow angels, or even start a snowball fight. Likewise, you may try to build a snowman with the kids. You may build it outdoors in your yard. Don’t forget to add a carrot nose and a scarf.

    3. Trying Ice Skating

    Ice skating is an accessible, fun, and popular winter activity that is known as the foundation for a lot of winter sports activities such as figure skating, ice hockey, and speed skating. Nonetheless, ice skating doesn’t have to be a competitive activity. For new skaters, you can simply put on a pair of skates, start learning to glide across the ice and have fun. 

    As a newbie, you may be eager to dive right in with some Olympic skater moves, but it would be better if you take things slow and begin skating on a straight line. Also, if you haven’t skated before, you might be too scared to fall on the ice. However, you don’t need to worry about this as it’s a normal occurrence for beginners. By focusing on the basics and staying consistent, you’ll be surprised at how fast your balance and coordination will improve. 

    Moreover, aside from being an enjoyable pastime, ice skating has its own share of health and fitness benefits. It allows you to break a sweat while strengthening those glutes and leg muscles, enhancing your flexibility, shedding unnecessary fats, and toning your calves. This is a perfect winter activity that will allow you to have fun while staying in shape

    Also, ice skating can be a mentally stimulating activity as this encourages you to focus on maintaining your balance as you glide across the ice.

    4. Adding Warmth

    When it’s freezing cold outside, you may cuddle up by the fire with your family and throw in some soft blankets while staring at the falling snow outside. You may also grab your book, head to your favorite nook in the house, and enjoy this quiet time by yourself. 

    Alternatively, if you have an outdoor fireplace at home, you may spend evenings there instead. Don’t forget to prepare your s’mores and pair them with a hot cup of dark chocolate.  

    Moreover, you may also light some scented candles at home to add a vibe of comfort and warmth to your space. Aside from making your house smell good, aromatherapy also offers great benefits for your mood, well-being, and productivity. 

    This is particularly true for some who feel overwhelmed or lack the right amount of energy during the cold season. Different candles may bring various benefits. For instance, lavender candles can drive away stress. Eucalyptus-scented candles can improve focus and boost your energy.

    As you take your relaxing, warm bubble bath, you may place your candles nearby to complete the cozy setup. You may also put them in your living room to add fragrance and accent to your space.

    Summing It Up

    For some, the long and cold winter days may feel excruciatingly boring and uncomfortable due to the dropping temperature. You may be tempted to stay at home, watch movies, or continue sleeping all day. However, there are lots of fun activities you can enjoy in the cold, both indoors and outdoors. All you have to do is get up, be creative, and plan your fun-filled days in the snow.


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