4 Essential Items to Pack for a Bachelor Party Abroad

    A bachelor party abroad can run the gamut between wildly debauched and relatively tame, depending on the group. While this guide focuses on packing for an epic bachelor party abroad, we understand that many of our readers are entrepreneurial spirits who may be planning events commercially. If your base is in the Lone Star State and you’re wondering about business compliance and protection, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get an LLC in Texas that may be of interest to you. Still, almost all modern bachelor parties observe a few standard rites of passage: alcohol, cigars, leisure and a light dose of misbehaving. 

    This means, if you want to pack smart, you have to pack realistically for the road ahead. This article lists four unexpected but indispensable packing items for a destination bachelor party. Crucially, each of these items is compact – meaning you can fit them neatly in a carry-on bag. 

    A Travel Humidor Bag and 2-Way Humidity Control Packs

    A cigar isn’t just a cigar. It’s a ceremony, a luxury, and a bonding tool, all rolled in a neat cylindrical package. And for a momentous occasion like a bachelor party, you aren’t choosing a bargain bin cigar; chances are, you’re reaching for the top shelf. 

    To protect your investment (and ensure that no one’s suffering through dry, flavorless cigars), consider a travel humidor and two-way humidity control packs. You can find inexpensive humidor bags online at (they’re essentially strong, durable, protective plastic bags) that come pre-loaded with humidity control packs to keep your cigars at an ideal 69% RH in transit. Alternatively, if you already own a non-plastic travel humidor, you can supplement it with Boveda’s small bundle of humidity control packs. 

    Electrolyte Packets or Tablets

    The nights on a bachelor trip are incredibly fun. The mornings after? Not quite as much. If you’re planning on imbibing in more than your regular share of alcoholic drinks, it’s wise to pack a game plan for mitigating hangovers. 

    Yes, ibuprofen is a staple in bachelor party toiletry kits. But painkillers don’t deal with the root of the issue: dehydration. Much like those Boveda packs keep your cigars at the ideal moisture, you need to keep your body hydrated if you’re going to party at your peak. Consider packing electrolyte sachets or tablets to stir into your morning water. It’s not a cure-all, but it certainly helps. Here’s Forbes’ list of the best electrolyte powders, according to experts. 

    A Compact, Portable Poker Set

    For those nights when hitting the town seems more like a chore than a party, you might want to hunker down indoors with a game. And there’s no game on earth that says “bachelor party” quite like Texas Hold ‘em poker. 

    Bringing a complete poker set on the plane is nearly impossible, but you can find compact alternatives that do the trick. These compact poker sets are also a fantastic way to while away the daytime hours (if you aren’t poolside or beachside). 

    A First-Aid Kit – Just in Case 

    Lastly, let’s strike a responsible tone. With any luck, this is the one item you’ll pack that you don’t use. Nevertheless, a first-aid kit is essential in cases of emergency. 

    Find a comprehensive kit that contains bandages, gauze, scissors, antiseptic wipes and (if applicable) naloxone, among other things. And if you’re planning a road trip component for the bachelor trip, supplement your kit with car emergency safety items. 

    With these four indispensable items (and clothes, toiletries, documents, yada yada), you’re ready to greet whatever kind of party awaits you. 


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