The Path to Becoming a Pro Esports Athlete

    We’ve all had dreams of quitting college or our jobs to pursue a career of a professional gamer. While it might seem attractive at the first glance, this career path requires a lot of sacrifices and effort. Making serious money out of esports takes work, dedication and talent that need to be nurtured. So how can you become a professional gamer? Here are a few tips to keep in mind that will get you one step closer to your dream job. 

    Pick your poison

    First things first, pick your game. You can go with a well-established game or pick a game with the potential to become big. The first path is much safer because it probably already has infrastructure and funds to support pro gamers. Titles like LoL, Dota 2 and CS:GO all have a large following and big tournaments with even bigger prizes. However, the scene is pretty tough for newcomers. 

    On the other hand, choosing an up-and-coming game allows you to excavate the game and advance the meta, thus creating your own style and becoming a name faster. For instance, Rocket League and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players who’ve been there from the start quickly found themselves at the center of esports attention. However, in case the game’s scene fails to go pro, you might be forced to change the game and start from the beginning. 

    Research techniques and strategies

    To level up your game from beginner to pro quickly and efficiently, you should always keep your eyes open for new tips on strategies and techniques that will optimize your game and allow you to perform at the top level. If you search online, you will find a ton of guides, tutorials and forums with tips on almost any game out there. And in pro gaming, the devil is in the details so don’t disregard small tips—everything can give you a competitive edge if you want to become a pro. Experiment with strategies yourself and you might come up with a signature move that will sweep the competition every time. 

    Invest in good gear

    While strategy and skill are important, they can only get you as far as your gear allows. To become a pro, your gear needs to match up or you’ll never be able to beat the competition. Your gear is your best teammate and you need to work in harmony to achieve the best results. Another thing to keep in mind is your physical and mental performance which should never be neglected. To always be at the top of your game, eat well and stay hydrated with gamer drinks you can sip on as you sharpen your skills. These drinks provide the best focus and allow you to be fresh even after a late-night gaming session. 

    Watch streams

    Streams allow amateurs to see professionals in action. Watch streams regularly and you will pick up important tips and tricks that will improve your performance. You will discover what the meta of the game is and get you on your way to becoming a professional gamer.

    Become a part of the community

    Pro gaming focuses on individual talent, but you also need to respect the culture that surrounds the game. While you learn and develop your skills, don’t forget to set some time aside for forums and other places where you can connect with players. Your connections with the community will help you on your path and you will quickly realize whether your motivation and goals align with the pro player career. Also, you will get to pick up some finer points of a game, keep track of the evolving meta and contribute back to the scene. Plus, if you make long-lasting connections, you will have one more motivator to stay invested in the game. 

    Participate in tournaments

    You have to start somewhere, so pick a few smaller tournaments and esports leagues and compare your skills to other players. Even if you’re very bad, you will get valuable experience and know what to expect in the future. If you do well, there’s a chance you might get noticed by sponsors and finally get paid. 

    As you can see, becoming a pro gamer is hard and only a few players ever make it in the industry. However, it’s not impossible to make gaming your career as long as you’re ready to invest time, effort and some money into your dream. Hopefully, you will persevere and we’ll see you on the battlefield! 


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