How to Choose the Right Outfit for a Casino Evening

    Those who never visited a land-based casino before often get insecure when they have to decide what to wear. We have all seen movies with handsome movie stars wearing tuxes accompanied by glamorously dressed ladies. However, this is far from the reality in many casinos. The truth is that it depends on the casino, the event and the time of day what you should wear. 

    In this article, we will discuss how to choose the right outfit for a casino. Dominic Andreasson, a Swedish iGaming expert shared his experiences with us in this regard. You can read more about Dominic here

    Find out about the dress code

    The first thing you should do when planning a night at the casino is to find out about the dress code of the establishment. For example, if you are visiting one of the Cosmopol Casinos in Sweden, you can find the information on their website that states that the dress code is smart casual but they appreciate you making an effort. 

    If you don’t find this information on the casino’s website you can call/message/tweet them and ask. Checking out reviews on Google or Tripadvisor is also a good way to determine how formal you are required to be. 

    If you are not in the mood for dressing up, you can always play online. Check out our list of svenska casino where we list online casinos that accept players from Sweden. 

    Prepare with backup clothes

    If after researching the place you are still not sure what to wear, we recommend taking backup clothes with you. For example, you can wear a collared shirt, dark jeans and dark shoes and have a dinner jacket and suit pants left in your car. Some casinos even offer lockers so if you arrive without a car you can change in the bathroom and use the locker to keep whichever outfit you are not going to wear. 

    Know the basics

    Even if the casino doesn’t have a dress code there are certain apparel that are never appreciated in a casino environment and you might be denied entry if you wearing any of these:

    • Swimwear
    • Flip-flops
    • Shorts
    • T-shirt
    • Worn out or torn clothing
    • Unclean clothing
    • Baseball caps or any other headwear
    • Sneakers
    • Sandals

    As many casinos insist on collared shirts, why not wear at least a polo-shirt. Another key point is the shoes. Don’t wear anything with open toes. Go for a pair of dark leather shoes to be on the safe side. 


    Evening events

    Generally speaking, stand-alone casinos (not the ones inside a shopping centre or bar) have a dress code, and it is especially enforced in the evenings. Depending on how classy the casino is these are the dress codes they will expect you to adhere to:

    White tie

    White tie is the most formal of all dress codes. Usually, white tie is only required for special events at the casino. Women are expected to wear a long evening gown, high-heeled shoes, expensive jewellery and special accessories like gloves or tiaras. Men will need a white bow tie, a white waistcoat, a black jacket with matching trousers, a stiff-front white shirt, black leather shoes, cufflinks and shirt studs. 

    Black tie

    This casino lover clothing style is what you would have seen in the Casino Royale movie and several other movies that take place in Las Vegas. For women long evening dresses are required with smart, high-heeled shoes. Men need to wear a white dress shirt, a black bow tie, a waistcoat, a black dinner jacket and black leather shoes.


    In most Las Vegas hotels, you will be fine wearing semi-formal clothes during evening visits. Women can wear short or long cocktail dresses or a business suit (including pants suit). Men need to prepare with a dark business suit, a button-down shirt, tie and dark leather shoes.


    It is very important to do your research about the casino’s dress code before visiting as they might turn you away if you are not dressed according to their requirements. If you have something that fits into the semi-formal category it is a good start, however, in some events you might feel underdressed if everybody around you adheres to a stricter dress code. 


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